yosimite 10.10.4


Since I did my last iMac update to Yosemite 10.10.4, my MR editor displays “Do Device Found”
Has anyone had this issue? And is there a fix?

I have Tools for MR 1.7.6 installed.


Have you also done the Firmware update from http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_mr816&L=1 ? What adapter are you using to connect the MR? Can you please post of a screen shot of what you see in Audio MIDI Setup?

Thank you for the reply.
When you asked about the firewire plug, I gave it a wiggle and all is back to normal.
Sorry for the bother.

Glad to hear you are up and running, happy recording!

Hi Chris
Hope it’s ok to jump into this post as I am having problems installing my MR 816x onto my MacBookPro 10.6.8, running Yosemite. This is a clean install from scratch and I was given the Firmware Updater V110-2 to install and when I try and run it, I just get FW device not found (MR is plugged in). The FW cable work fine on my other Mac with the MR. I even ran my original Tools for MR disk in Mac to see if that would work but installation failed right at end.

I don’t have another FW device to test connection on Mac but when you look in hardware list it just says FW Bus max speed up to 800 mb (no devices show up though).

If you have any advice that would be great, assuming that MR works with Yosemite ok?

thanks so much!