You Aint Good For Me

Hi there, heres a pop dance tune , the sax player used to do sessions and tours with a band i was in,he did this for me via the net. im just trying to mix this track at the moment ,any comments would be appreciated .

Nice laid back track, sax sounds great :slight_smile: the mix as it is sounds fine, window dresses the song beautifully :slight_smile:
it could be done this way or that way but at the end of the day it’s a good song, luv the sax!!

thanks Kevin ,im glad you like the song,im a bit the same as you regarding mixing /mastering and all that pallava ,but id still like to be able improve my mixes but i think id need a better room to be able to do room is far too small,it`s not much bigger than a vocal booth .cheers for the comment on the other tune as well.

Yeah, If I was good enough I’d do the mastering thing but to be able to master proper like!! :laughing: is a steep learning curve and I just don;t think it’s worth the effort…as Ian (sherz) and cmafia said…just get it right whilst tracking and you can’t go far wrong…a brilliant bit of mastering afterwards would be the icing on the cake of course but those mastering guy’s don’t get paid big bucks for nuthin do they?
best, Kevin :slight_smile:

nice job on a tasty tune!

Like the mix. Very balanced. Sax sounds great. Drums and bass are somewhat bland; but probably what you were after. I think the synth “blat” is a bit too prominent. On third hearing, it’s all I hear! I guess it’s a synth horn patch. I think I also hear your voice in there. As always, tasty guitar. Thanks for letting us hear it!

thanks ferencz

thanks Leon for your comment ,yes drums n bass are probably bland ,i thought they may be ok for a pop thing ,but you are probably right ,i need to try harder in that department,yes that`s my voice… soz . i quite like the synth blat it reminds me of “walking on sunshine” by Rockers Revenge or "your the one for me " by D-Train 81/82 dance tracks.

That’s brilliant.

I really liked the sax and guitar combo.

The mix is tops

cheers SonicPete, thanks for the listen,glad you like it .

I’m going to have to look up D-Train!

careful with those dancing feet :laughing:

Ditto on all of the above. :slight_smile: Apart from those issues I think the mix sounds pretty good overall though.


thanks for your comments Ian ,glad you like the mix .

Great tune love lyrics…sax is killer and of coarse all the other playing too…lacking proper bottom end had to crack my sub to make it feel right. All the basics are there. Is the hi hat panned hard right? If so i’m not sure about that either but that’s me lol

Hi Kenny , i thought i had too much bottom end (im talking bout the tune fnar fnar) on my speakers ,oh well. Ha ha you,ve caught me out with the hi hats again ,i think the last time i talked to the hi hats was the day i started recording the tune , when you mentioned the hi hats my first reaction was ,what hi hats you talking about :blush: sounds like they are panned to the bottom, who knows lol ,ill have to go check .Steve would be chuffed with your comment on his sax playing cheers Kenny always appreciate your comments.

Nice, soft & funky - it’s just about all been said by the time I’ve got to listen to it.
Love the old polymoog sort of synth on the intro. Brought back memories.
Neil B