You Aint Good For Me

hi there, got some proper bass and vocals on this tune now ,i have tried ringing the drums help line though.ta

Ok, I’m confused :blush: is this your song…who’s singing? did you produce this?


hi Kevin ,yes this is my song , i am in a band with the singer, the bass player has done stuff for me before, i ve had the track up before with me singing and playing the bass .i am working on the kit at the minute ,just wondered what people thought ,yes i have produced it. the mix isnt complete yet.

Sounds good. :slight_smile: I like the vibe of the track and the vocalist. Nicely arranged too. Just wondered - “the mix is`nt complete yet” - what more are you thinking of doing mix wise?

hi Ian ta for your comment ,i only put Richards bass in the track yesterday and so i had to alter the drum patterns,im not very patient or good when it comes to programming a kit, i can hear it in my head but i cant always push the correct buttons. Richards gonna have a go at the kit,he s programmed kits more than i have ,so well see what he comes up with, hence the mix is kind of on hold , but im glad you like the track so it looks like its headed in the right direction anyhow .thanks Ian really appreciate your comment.

well in that case this is good stuff…was surprised because it is so different from the other tracks you’ve posted, sounds finished to me :slight_smile:

very impressed!!,

best, Kevin

Yeah, sounds good. The drums are a bit dry though, especially the snare. It sounds a bit thin.
Nice sax playing, who is that?


Thanks Wim, yes we are looking at the drums at the moment. the sax player is ,

hi Kevin thanks for your comment ,but i do take issue with you saying " so different from the other tracks you’ve posted" cause i have posted this track before :laughing: shows how much notice you take :laughing: although i was singing it, so i suppose that does n`t count :laughing: i think once you get some good performers on the track it can transform a mediocre track into a decent mediocre track. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks Kevin.

Good one. Slight hint of Chic early on, hints of simply Red and a nice laid-back mood. Liked it.

Cool, I know who Steve is, he plays with Paul Carrack! :sunglasses:
How did you get him to play on your song?

He used to session on sax for a band i was in, he did this for me when i was in that band which was about 4 or 5 years ago,he`s a very nice down to earth guy.

Yeah, great guy! I met him last year after a Paul Carrack show.
I like what he did on this song. :sunglasses:

Thanks Neil.yeah well i grew up listening to all that kinda stuff in the clubs when it was on the go, i actually wrote this tune back in the 80`s.

Just listened to your song ‘you Aint Good For Me’. I was blown away, what a good track. Not sure about early Chic (Neil B), I was thinking more like Gladys Knight when she went solo or even Randy Crawford. Nice lyrics , Great Work and Keep it up. :mrgreen:

I remember this one. I like it better with all these good performers! Including you. I recall complaining about that “blat” but it’s much more toned down here, and I like it.

Thanks ,i`m honored with your first post. :slight_smile:

Thanks Leon, i never touched the blat, but the rest of the stuff is now more interesting around it ,so i suppose it may now divert attention from the blat . haven`t heard from you in a while hope you are well and hope to hear some more tunes from you soon.

Just got busy with family stuff… but still checking in from time to time, and working on a couple new ones.