you are already in session

Vst connect doesn’t works/ We have message - you are already in session. What we must do to fix the problem?

This usually only ever happens when the app crashes. The problem should just go away after max 30 minutes.

But why it may be crashes? My musician started it and had this message immideatily.

That’s not a crash. If the Studio or Performer crashed before, then it could not tell the server to logout and after that the server refuses another connection until it times out.
A crash means the program throws a message like “The application xxx has quit unexpectedly”, or the program suddenly vanishes, or the like.

Please tell me the domain name of server where are connecting vst performer.

What for?


I have the same issue as this. We have tried over and over again for several hours to connect. The performer side only gets “you are already in another session”, and nothing on the studio side but “not connected”. Otherwise set up as to spec in the manual.

Have only tested the connection with laptop on 3g (for separate networks) before, and got it connected succesfully then - but have not tried recording.

This happens in one of two cases:
a) both Performer and Studio use the same name. Don’t.
b) you are trying to connect to a target within the same IP address (local connection). This is also not possible; local connections can only be established with the Studio using the VST Connect PRO version, and the Performer using the LAN button instead of the regular login procedure.