"You are not authorized..."

At least twice a week the forum website logs me off and any attempt to log back in results in this strange url or screens:


I also get other responses, such as “You are not authorized to view this resource”, “Refresh”, “You were logged out” and so on along those lines. It seems to happen most often when I have the forum open in two tabs: one with search results and the other with individual posts from that searched opened.

It can take a very long time to find answers on the forum and suddenly losing search results and any opened posts is frustrating, to say the least. The only way to get back in is to delete the cookies and restart the browser (I’m on Microsoft Edge).

Is there something I can do to stop this from happening (for various reasons, I do not want to change browsers). Thanks!

I have the same message on my M1 Mac mini running Mac OS Ventura and have been unable to log into the Dorico forum for several weeks. Safari is the only browser that has ever been on the computer and I am not interested in downloading another. Fortunately, I am able to stay logged in on my 2013 MB Pro but it is certainly frustrating to be effectively locked out on the mini.

I’ll ask the support team at Discourse if they have any idea what might be going on.


Thank you so much, Daniel

We’ve received a response from the team at Discourse, who are going to enable some more verbose logging on their end to see if they can spot any problems.

Their representative asked me to find out whether you are using any specific browser extensions, strict cookie settings, or ad-blockers so we can rule out anything odd coming from your environments.

Many thanks, Daniel, and I am very sorry if you have to be in the middle of this. If it helps at all, I’m happy to speak with them directly.

As for site settings, I have set forums.steinberg.net as a trusted site in all browser extensions and ad blockers and disabled additional security layer and any tracking prevention in Edge.

Usually whenever I get logged off from the forum, there is a sequence of different screens and warnings (I think it’s at least 4 different ones) when I try to log back in, I’ve only captured two in the OP. Next time it happens, I will try to screengrab all of them.

Thanks, Daniel, and apologies for what turns out to have been a silly mistake on my part. I had blocked all cookies on my Safari browser and after once again allowing related cookies, no longer have the reported problem.

I’m sorry to revive this, but I’ve been logged out of the forum again. Today I was able to capture more of the screen messages, these happen in sequence (immediately following those already posted earlier):

Not permitted

Not allowed
and finally

This seems to happen when I have two tabs open that both display the forum (one is the search results, the other some post from that search opened). As before, I have to manually delete cookies, close both tabs and then open a new one to be able to use the forum again.

@ebrooks, can you say more about what extensions etc. you’re using in your browser?

Hi Daniel. I use AdGuard, Cookie AutoDelete and Ghostery. They are all set to whitelist forums.steinberg.net, and steinberg.net domains and to trust them. Microsoft Edge is additionally set to not use “enhanced security” on them and to allow cookies.