You Are Selling Cubasis On Play store So It Needs To Work For Android

My post here was sparked by another user’s response to another here to, “GET AN IPAD”, because Cubasis works on iPad… The remark made me realize that you all are selling an Apple product, that don’t function fully and correctly on Androids. You all are selling this on Play Store for Androids as an Android product. And you all are charging more than what others are charging for DAWS that do fully work on Android that are made for Android.

One of the ones I use, really deserves some extra credit and notice for how cool they are. —>Caustic is so cool that, being that it’s made for Android and they discovered it works on Windows, they let you have it for free for Windows, no charge at all! They do this because, they made it for Android and discovered, just by accident that it works on Windows. They’re cool like that, instead of being greedy bastards and trying to hose everybody out of every cent! The funny thing is, though it’s not made for Windows it works better than most of the stuff I get that is made for Windows and it’s FREE…

I’m feeling kind of ripped off right now after being charged a premium amount for your product that you straight up know you do not have fully working on Androids.

Some of us have a lot of time, money and everything else invested in Androids, making , “Just Getting An iPad”, kind of a big deal and NOT AN OPTION!

When I found Cubasis available in the Play Store, I didn’t have any knowledge about it being an I pad product. There is no reason I should need to know something in Play Store is an I pad product, because it is in Play Store (FOR ANDROIDS)! If a product is listed in Play Store ----> IT NEEDS TO WORK FOR ANDROIDS! HAVING IT ONLY PART WAY WORK FOR ANDROIDS WHILE SHOWING HOW GREAT IT WORKS FOR IPAD IS BULLSHIT!

If you’re SELLING your product on Play Store for Android it needs to fully work for Android!.

People with iPhones and iPads, wouldn’t dig it for one second, if there was products on Apple Store, that don’t work, but only halfway, for your Apple products and iPads… Especially if there was videos showing how great it works on Androids…

The only reason I now know that it’s an iPad product is because I’m trying to figure out how to use my SOUNDFONTS and other stuff that I can I use on my other DAWS in Android currently.

If you gave the product away for free it wouldn’t be a big deal that it only part way works. You charge more than pretty much anybody else does for your product and it only halfway works… The vocal effects that you show working great on Apple products only, ----> BANDLAB includes ALONG WITH A WHOLE BUNCH MORE FOR $0! They don’t charge a cent for what you all are hosing us Android owners of of…

I’ve got stuff I bought for less than half of what you guys charge that does work. It works because it was made for Android.

I’m going to be seeking a refund and I’m going to be posting about this openly because others should know what you guys are doing here.

I personally think you should NOT be allowed to be selling this on Play store until you finish it and it all works…

Sorry for being uptight about everything here now! The response of “JUST GET AN I PAD”, really rubbed me the wrong way after having my time wasted trying to figure out how to use my sound fonts and AFTER BEING CHARGED MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH WHAT I PAID FOR CAUSTIC “THAT DOES WORK FLAWLESS”…

Hi @Beckwerks,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.
We are sorry to read about your issues with Cubasis for Android.

Due to the high number of available Android devices it might be important to know, that the performance of Cubasis for Android is strongly related to the Android device in use.

In this regard, we’ve released Cubasis LE 3 Trial for Android a while ago, which can be freely downloaded to give users the chance to test a smaller feature set of Cubasis with their given Android setups in a 30 minute demo mode, before making a purchase decision.

In addition, we’ve relased dedicated articles to give feedback about the most frequent questions and more.

Cubasis for Android and Chrome OS

Cubasis for Android Performance

Compare the versions of Cubasis

Alongside, the app has received several maintenance updates since its initial release to address and resolve user-reported problems.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe
& best wishes,