You be the judge. Malmmore = Blacksteen

I just stumbled over this and thought it was kinda funny. I sorta respect both of them even if I’m not a fan. Anyway

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huh? :astonished:
You shouldn’t need anything to access that page.
I just hit a link somewhere, and wasn’t logged into anything.
Strange! :confused:

Sorry, I get a 403 error, forbidden access.

If I double click on the link I get nothing. If I right click and ‘save target as’, I can download, then view the pic.

Cool stuff, Ulf!

They mention their inability to get along with lead singers, but I think there’s more similarity in their attitude than that.
I walked into a grocery store with my son when he was about 8 years old and just starting to play guitar.
There was a guy on line in front of us with a T shirt that said in big, bold letters:


My son tried so hard not to notice. :laughing:

Hehe, it is no big secret that Malmsteen has taken all he knows from Blackmore.
This picture really shows it LOL

I like both and Blackmore is by far the biggest reason why I started playing myself.
At I point I knew every song from every Rainbow record, hehe :nerd:
Blackmore is by far the best composer of them.
I mean: Stargazer, Gates Of Babylon, Eyes of Fire, Man On The Silver Mountain, Tarot Woman, Lady Of The Lake +++ etc etc etc. All hard rock classics in the best sense of the word.
Malmsteen has never written one true classic IMO, good stuff yes but not classics.

Kim :sunglasses:

Try “Open in New Tab” … worked here.

Blackmore composed/played some of the most memorable and inspiring guitar lines in the rock lexicon. His riffs in Lazy are on permanent rotation in my cranium. Respect.

I can’t remember a single Yngwie tune. But he is certainly an accomplished player. Every bit as good as a sequencer spitting out 64th note chromatic runs in neoclassical style. :wink:

Agreed :sunglasses:

I can listen to Blackmore all day long… with Inwe, I’m bored in about 5 minutes

I can’t make it 5 minutes, mostly because it sounds like it was recorded with the mic stuck in a trash can.

Yeah, Blackmore had a huge impact on Deep Purple, Rainbow and compared to other guitarists also on large portions of the western world and wrote some hot shit, no doubt, so I guess I’m sort of a passive fan after all :laughing: :sunglasses: !

I don’t remember when but let’s say a few years ago I happened to hear some radio jockey announcing a song from a new album with Yngwie Malmsteen. I’m not sure why he had recorded his song again because he has already done the harmonic minor or diminished rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr routine to death, hasn’t he? I got kinda pissed and disappointed, like WTF, is that all he has to say after a 20 year career? There are people out there that can’t stop talking about golf … :unamused:

I know what you mean. I, too, like to hear players evolve over time,
to try new things like, say, Jeff Beck. (though I do wish he’d let go of that whammy
bar more often) :slight_smile:
I do wonder, though, why people almost never ask your question to
someone like BB King or some of the jazz greats. It seems that rock
guitarists get panned for not reinventing themselves.
Why do you suppose that is?

dunno … but same reason why traditional rebellion is an oxymoron?
and I think this idea of rockers being a creative force is slowly dying.
look at kids aged 7-11 wearing Iron Maiden and Metallica T-shirts together with proud dads.
Nothing wrong but it’s not like it used to be.
Imagine walking around with your dad with a Bing Crossby or Bill Haley T-shirt :blush: :laughing:
Or the existence of Steel Panther and DragonForce.
It’s not like they’re killing themselves trying to find something new and untested to play, is it?
At the same time Jeff Beck still makes your yaw drop and he was born during WWII haha!
So I guess rock as an art form is transforming into tradition ?
Jeff Beck just can’t help himself! :mrgreen:
He’s a true artist.
The only really new music I’ve heard lately with an open path to a greater future is Dubstep … :confused:
It’s perceived with the same suspicious disdain as blues, jazz and rock when they arrived at the scene it seems?
Let them play their electronic stuff for a while and there will be a Ronny Jordan of Dubstep some day.
And then just about anything can happen.
I like the slow grooves, almost like you could hear Bonham play along, and I’m amused by the freaky noises hehe.
It’s got a lot of the obscene qualities that makes it rebellious too and I think it’s healthy.

Yeah, and he’s been saying the same damn thing for 60 years.
Something along the lines of - “my baby she done me wrong-
An’ it hurt me soooo bad…”. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t talking about a rebellion. Just a willingness to think outside the box a bit
would be nice. Something that’ll make you eagerly await the next release because
you’re confident it won’t be a predictable rehash.
The next rebellion that’ll compare to the birth of rock will be when the
Computers become self aware and start producing new music while laughing
At our feeble human attempts. :laughing:

Without deviation progress can’t be made so a healthy dose of rebellion is a must or else all will stay the same.
At the same time you have to keep track from where you come from a n d where you’re going.
Otherwise you run the risk of reinventing the wheel …
… is that a good band name?
naw … :laughing:

Are you really ready for a rebellion, Ulf, or are you just looking for a good excuse to get stinking drunk? :mrgreen:

Me - I’m too tired to rebel. The kids’ll have to do it. Besides, these days it takes too long to recover from the effects
of the hallucinogens. :wink:

A doob (or two or three) a day keeps the blues away, unless you’re BB King :open_mouth: !

Mauri :wink: .