You got everything I need

Hi all, hope everyone is well and enjoying making music;
If you take a listen I thank you.

Nice song, recording, and performance. The bass (synth bass) in the uptempo section sounds very retro late 70’s/early 80’s . That’s just an observation, and nothing bad that needs to change. It makes it sound a little at that point like The Cars and others who were all over the airwaves in those days.
Good work, once again.

Nice performance and the voice is pretty particular (I don’t know why it reminds me of Steve Hackett…)
The only thing, in my humble opinion and taste, I would have highlighted the lead guitar more, with more presence: seems it to me so “behind”; maybe I would have liked it effect like the voice, but little stuff. Congratulations again👍

Really nice :+1:

Deserves several listens! But after just one, I really like the overall sound. I think I would agree with both of the guys above, but it’s maybe a matter of taste. I would always prefer a real bass sound; still the bass you have sounds really good. Keep churning them out!

Mix is clear. Balance between Highs and Lows too. I love the change at 56s. Really good work.

Nice of you guys to take time out to listen and comment…thank you.
The lead guitar was meant to sound a bit distant…

Thank you for your kind comments mate…much apreciated, I keep trying to do a more modern style and end up with this stuff, just keeps happening.