YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! My mixer is totally unusable in 7.0.4

OK, so I download the 7.0.4 update with great expectations. Shut down the system, reboot, re-launch the new and improved Cubase!..only to find this:

(see attached)

Looks like a bad barber pole. The is obviously unacceptable and unusable as well.

My system hardware and peripherals are listed in the signature line. Any ideas? (Other than the obvious, ‘go back to 7.0.3’)

Bad Mixer.PNG

Unistall, reinstall … Something like that happened to me in the past and I unistalled, ran a reg cleaner and reinstalled and everything was perfect!

Ya, I’m doing that now. Obviously, not the same pc on which I am writing. Shouldn’t need a reg cleaner. Was a fresh Windows 7 install and it’s a dedicated music computer. (No web surfing) I am having some cpu load issues (I know, whaddya expect? Yer runnin’ a freakin’ dual-core!) Upgrading that and ram too this week.

Thanks for the reply.


The re-install did the trick. Thx -pf

Aloha p,
Perhaps now you will put ‘[solved]’ in your title
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Fyi…had the exact problem. Reinstall fixed mine as well!

Just curious… Did you try deleting the preferences first?
Everytime there is a new update released there are a bunch of people posting strange behaviors and OFTEN deleting the preferences fixes it.