You & I

This track came alive when i recorded Let you down. I changed tp 6/8 and some chords. I really like the melody!

Cool. I liked it. What was the setup? Drums? Bass, etc?

Yep I liked it as well. Nice melody, great mix too. I didn’t really like the very first drumhits that start the song, the part that follows is too quiet for an intro like that. Other than a few loud open hihats it sounds great to me.

The setup is BFD2 standard 10 kit. I used blues 6/8 around bpm 88 different grooves. Rev-ex room reverb on it. All det volume is done by increase decrease midi velocity. I used the drummers midi timing. Bass is from Halion Sonic. I dont like it but it does the jobb and has no dynamic changing. It is played through a M-audio keyboard. The recording is played “neighbbour friendly” in my beedroom. I have not used mic except the wah and acoustic guitar. Rythm el guitar is telecaster into mr816x with some free solid state plugin and reverb. Also ampsimulator mixed into it (dont like vst amp at all). Violin form halion sonic. Piano, crash and sweep from vst sounds.

My goal was 3 min and to go up in pitch in the end a la “euro-schlager”

Oops, looks like we can’t find that page!


I sending the song to a contest (i am craxym i know), Cant publish it anywhere :frowning:

Glad I got in in time then :sunglasses: