You know, I'm just happy

Long time C5 user here.

I bought C10Pro a few days ago and I love everything about it. I don’t understand any criticisms I read on this forum like something about right click menu, it’s fine in my book and I love the looks, every last button and color chosen for the GUI are perfect.

I just love it. Period.

I thought I’d just post something positive. :slight_smile:

Good to hear! And it never hurts to hear someone posting something positive! :slight_smile: You switched a few days ago huh…? Give it some time and evaluate… Especially focus on the transport bars fixed and floating? See if they scale to all the options you’ve added? See how it compares to the ones you’ve used in CB5? And notices the white text on the black background? Let us know how it goes once you’ve had some more time to really evaluated it?

I have been very happy with Cubase 10 also. I like the look but most importantly, for me, it has been very stable.

I’ve never used cubase a lot before, although I have owned 8.5 since some years. The good thing is probably that I don’t mind these changes because I have nothing to compare it with. Using it now instead of Logic will be the test to see if things are really bothering me.

I was not convinced that I wanted or needed C10. C9.5 was working well for me and I have had a string of projects in play since Christmas. Nevertheless I took advantage of the discount and grabbed it and it installed fine (usual transfers of preferences, paths etc). I thought I’d be best to wait before using it on a session, but had a couple of hours to move around it and didn’t find any showstoppers. So, as I knew my client wouldn’t mind, I decided to try it immediately, though given the level of disgruntlement here and on other forums I thought I would likely have to revert to 9.5 rather than risk a problem on the session. I tried a few backward and forward compatibility tests and then jumped in.

Result is I haven’t needed to go back to 9.5 at all since that session. No freezes, no changes I couldn’t quickly figure out. I love Variaudio 3 especially. Snapshots are proving to be handy too. There is also a lot of fresh library content I keep discovering. With a bit of tweaking the graphics seem fine to me. C10 starts up in 11s and doesn’t seem to be any harder on CPU.

In conclusion, it’s a lot better than I expected both in reliability and look, several really useful features. Obviously I am sympathetic to everyone that is having issues, after all we all just want to work with a DAW not battle with it. But maybe I have read too many negative posts, still it’s better to err on the side of caution I guess.

@OP: Thank you for your positive post !

All DAW’s have their issues and (personal) shortcomings, including Cubase.
That being said,coming from Cubase v7,v8,v9 as a mac user, i find v10 a great improvement in many aspects.
Performance & stability-wise, for me it’s the best Cubase version i have ever used.
I also like the GUI of v10 alot.

I wish you happy Cubasing !

Great to read a nice and positive posting Nuieve :slight_smile:

I too are very happy as a hobbyist using Cubase Artist 9.5 since June last year,and I was so impressed I upgraded to the Pro version in the winter
Just treated myself to an in depth course on Cubase and now feel more comfortable using the DAW.

I knew Cubase was powerful ,but not I until I started to learn more about its capabilities,how much more powerful Cubase is :astonished: :smiley:

@ vanhaze3000
I agree with you on your post,as well. Cubase will get better and more powerful in time,with new features and such.
Each DAW,no matter what you use will have its quirks,problems and such.

The DAW you use is a tool to create music first and foremost.What you buy and use,is down to you the owner and purchaser of the software :slight_smile:

Nowadays we are all a bit spoiled by technology. You see folks complaining about some feature that is absent or not implemented exactly how they’d like it. And then you realize that specific capability was impossible a decade ago.

I sometimes think half of this forum would end up curled on floor crying if they actually tried using an old-school tape setup & then discovered all the things that can not be done in any manner with that older tech.

Exactly… :laughing:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ain’t that just the truth​:joy::joy:

Also, this would be very dangerous, as cutting was done literally, with sharp razor blades. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: :astonished:

…and just one day in a “top” studio would once have funded an entire DAW system, a second day would buy all the software. Have I mentioned the cost of the tapes for a typical album? …or the hours spent de-gaussing, cleaning and aligning those wonderful but neurotic tape machines. So I get why OP is happy.

I totally sucked at that. My cuts were never 100% straight so there was often a bit of gooey tape peeking through. And I don’t want to even think about errors with splicing at the right spot.

I’m pretty sure the invention of digital editing saved my sanity.

Been working in it about 5-6 hours a day for the last 3 days. I’m not a pro, so I don’t use every single feature, never did. Just what I need for mixing and editing and with that I’m sure I already tried pretty much everything I ever used in C5.

I love every second in it.

Hated the floating F2 panel in C5, it was always in the wrong place or missing (if I turned it off), it was probably the most annoying stupid thing ever until I learned to just leave it parked at the bottom of the screen where C10 panel is… but even then sometimes C5 would open a project and the panel would be gone or obscured by a edit window twice the size (for some reason) of my desktop or something. Now that it’s fixed it’s one of my favorite features of C10!

I love the scale of things. I can see so much more on the screen (C5 had things way too large I realize now). C5 felt like a song before it is mixed. C10 feels like a song mixed by CLA. So tight and balanced.

I like the black background. But that also works for me because I usually mix in a dark room, I find it somehow easier on the eyes, calmer.

I was hesitant to upgrade since C5 worked fine for me… with the sale going on I decided why not. I’m so surprised how much progress Cubase had in 10 years in little areas. I honestly thought it’d be about the same as C5 just different graphics. :smiley:

I see so much aggression towards developers from some users “This is wrong because I don’t like it!!!” type of posts. It must be hard for any developer to make decisions when there are 5 loud users who like things the old way and make 5000 posts complaining about it and 200 quiet users who welcome changes but never post about it at all, so I thought I’d say something.

Well said!

Work with it for awhile, you will definitely find things that you DON’T like. Try recording from synth direct to MIDI, without use of a USB stick. If that goes smoothly for you right away, you are a lot better at this thing than I am.

Doesn’t mean that it’s not a GREAT DAW (it is), but it ain’t perfect. It is a great complement to the Yamaha workstations. I prefer it to work with synth MIDI files and audio mixdown (very nice), but for everything else (recording other audio, mixing, mastering), I use Ableton. But that’s me.

Ableton has a monstrous learning curve, vs Cubase’s much more intuitive approach.

Once you take the time to learn either (or both), they are outstanding tools.

I like the black background. But that also works for me because I usually mix in a dark room, I find it somehow easier on the eyes, calmer

I agree with you Nuieve! The more I am working with Cubase ,with a black background,the easier it is on the eyes.

Have a soft led background light behind the screens,helps too,making for a calm working atmosphere :smiley:

What I love also is how much bigger my automation lanes are,by buying these 21.5 inch screens :laughing:

Gads…going from C5 to C10 would be like going from Tijuana to a beautiful resort as far as features and many other things – there is simply no comparison between the two!

C10 has plenty it can improve on, but it’s definitely a great DAW (especially if you’re coming from C5).

What’s really amazing is the combination of Windows and Cubase, and that Cubase 10 run perfectly fine on Windows 7 which was released TEN years ago.

Tell me, where was I aggressive? I just stated what I don’t like about the new design. Mind you, Steinberg is not giving Cubase Pro away for free! We all pay a lot of money for it. I think that gives me and you the right to express what we do or don’t I don’t like about it? You happen to be perfectly happy the way it is? Good for you! But please don’t go judging people that might have another opinion?