You KNOW it's bad when....................

Well my desperation has hit “Critical Mass!” With zero responses coming from both here and the Avid site (They might as well shut that thing down, for all the help it provides :angry: ), I submitted a ticket to Steinberg Product Support regarding my N6.5/MC Control dilema (See Original Post here: ).

I don’t hold out much faith for any kind of solution from them since:

  1. We are now under the Yamaha Product Support System (one of the worst ever).
  2. Technically nothing, from their point of view, will be considered broken, So, they’ll say it’s an Avid Problem
  3. They didn’t even let me select N6.5 as one of the products I own, now that I’ve upgraded to N7.

I hope I’m wrong. But I have never had a satisfactory experience with Yamaha Product Support, even way before they purchased SB. I think I might have openly wept when they bought SB from Pinnacle. Since they bought it, I have never had a good experience with SB Product Support. Once the option to call them was lost, I never bothered to try to solve a problem with Nuendo there again. So, this should tell you just how desperate I’ve become to resolve this issue.

Right now I’m FORCED to work with N7 in order to use my controller or Work in N6.5 without it! This is insane!!!