You May, Or, You May Not Know (My January 2017 Song)

“You May,Or, You May Not Know” is my January 2017 song. My First song of the year.


Words and Music
Piano, vocal and all keyboards
Full Arrangements, production, engineering and mixing
Completed by Terry Carroll

You May, Or You May Not Know

You may, But you May not know
You may, or you may not know
Don’t you understand it may be wrong
Do you understand he may be wrong

Starts from the day that you were born
You must have felt some kind of pain
You don’t recall, but you where torn
right from your mothers whom into a life of rain


You may, or you may not know
Every thing you want to get you by
You may, or you may not know
The painful truth that lays beneath the lies

Yeah you’ll be warned more than you’ll need
Most of it will seem like it’s wrong
You may forget the love you bleed
You’ll know a deepen hate - that will live on just as strong

Repeat Chorus

You’re trying hard to do what’s right
Some times it seems like your in the dark - with out a light
Well hang on in there