"You Never Talk To Me" - The Stragglers

…and yet another Stragglers remix…

You Never Talk To Me

…if you have a few minutes to spare…


Didn’t really expect to like it after the intro (which is my only gripe about it!) But I quickly changed my opinion with the colourfulness of the harmony and the progression. The recording sounded crisp to me and what impressed me the most was every instrument had it’s own space, but at the same time blended well together to create a good, cohesive sound.

But same comment as that other song with that girl singing, the electric guitar at the beginning would sound 10x better with a developed vibrato technique on the sustained notes and that’s the only bad thing I can say about it. Good job with the song.

Nice tune. Good vocal delivery. I like the way you brought things down smoothly around 1:40(ish?) and then the gradual build back up to the end. Mix sounds good to me. I also thought the stutter type thing at the end was pretty cool. Well done!

I think it is a very good sounding mix. Another cool ending. Sometimes the singing sounds a little whine-y, which is I guess the point. But on this one everything is clear.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: The vibrato thing… a taste thing perhaps, but easily replayed. :sunglasses:

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Cheers :slight_smile: Whine-y vocal? Nah.,…its just the way I always sing… :laughing:

It does sound like you, that’s true! But I assumed you wanted it to sound petulant, rather than angry, or plaintive. I’m used to getting that particular complaint, you know, always sitting here with the headphones on!

Hi Ian

I think this is a good song with good performances.

I think the balances are pretty good but it felt a bit narrow and cluttered to me compared to some of your stuff. The vocal doesn’t really cut through but I think the level is ok. Horses for courses I know, but I feel the mix would benefit from elements being panned wider clearing out the center for the vocals and bass etc. It would have more impact IMVHO. The only things panned wide were the backing vocals. I’d like to hear a mix with everything panned to the extreme sides, except drums, bass and vocals.

Very good though.