You Never Talk To Me

Something my ex used to always say to me. No idea what she was on about… :unamused:

You Never Talk To Me

great song ,very good vocals, the instrumentation is great ,stuff going off all over but not too much ,i would have liked to have heard a mandolin in there maybe doing the piano line on the chorus a bit like led zeppelins battle of evermore ,although it may have become too stringy then i dont know ,great stuff.

Hi Ian, vox sounded a bit low in the mix in places…production, instrumentation and arrangement up to your usual standard…wish I could get to that level, just can’t do it :frowning:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Really nice, Ian! Everything works – nice chord changes :sunglasses:

I could have used a touch more bass, maybe

My ex used to tell me the same thing. It didn’t help that she was a moody, continually negative, hate-filled human being :laughing:

Song title richly apt here :laughing:

Thanks! :slight_smile: I think I can honestly say… I have never ever used a mandolin in a tune before! Hmmm… Now there’s an idea… :wink:

Thanks Kev. Vox levels… gosh that’s a debate I’ve been caught up in a lot over the years. I was recently (last year) criticized because the listener in question thought I mixed my vocals way too high in the mix. It’s one of those things you just can’t win! :confused:

Oh… right… yeah I know exactly what you mean… a woman. :laughing:

(gosh… I’ll probably get slapped for that one!)

Thats a cool song , potentially there could’ve been a mandolin or maybe even a banjoline in there. I’m only starting out in the world of producing, so I isn’t sY anything about that. Generally though great sound :slight_smile:

So we’ve dated the same person then? Haha

Catchy song, I think the mandolin in mention is because the song have a kind of R.E.M. feel.

I don’t think the level is low but you can do maybe a little trick with the vocal to get it a little bit more in “your face”, like some kind of gentle distortion or saturation.


I want to hear the “Poison after marriage” version: “You Never Talk Dirty to Me”


I guess I forgot to comment before, but I did listen to this a number of times, and I like it. I don’t want to say the words resonate with me, in case my significant other is reading this. I like the mix and the arrangement. Not to say you couldn’t add a mandolin…

Yup… I guess adding a bit of dirt wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile: (<-- now there’s a lyric!)

Yes… you can’t be too careful these days! :smiley:

Great title for a song…“you’ve hurt my dirt” :sunglasses: …ok, maybe not :confused:

Um I resemble that remark :laughing: great tune and mix very warm sounding love how the high end isn’t abused in your mixesKenny


Awesome songwriting and production Sherz! I’m dabbling more in production now myself and I can appreciate your arrangement choices panning call & response vocals. Each instrument has it’s own space with great eq and pan decisions yet is still cohesive. Any comments I would make would just be to taste a little more low end compression perhaps.

I immediately made the R.E.M. comparison which is a high compliment imo.

Keep making more!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you also! :slight_smile: Now if I just had R.E.M. 's fan base… :unamused:


:slight_smile: You know I suppose it all depends on one’s perspective…I’m certain R.E.M. wishes their fans still bought CD’s so they had the same income they had in their heyday.

Remember CD’s?

I do… I still have some! And in fact I still burn my tunes to CD for in car listening/evaluation as I don’t actually have digital capability in my car. :confused: But also, I like to burn an album to CD… even if it’s just the one disc, just for me to hold - then it feels and looks like a ‘proper’ album! A bunch of tracks on a website just doesn’t feel like an album to me…

I know, call me ‘old fashioned’ :stuck_out_tongue: