You Tube Error

Hi Guys. 1st post here. I have Cubase 9 pro installed on my laptop, when Cubase is running it runs fine but if I want to minimise and look at you tube or listen to a MP3 outside of Cubase I wont let me, then once I close Cubase everything on my laptop works fine again.

I also have Cubase on a tower unit I have and everything works fine on this. I’m guessing its something to do with a sound card or settings in Cubase but I don’t have a clue what and need some support?

thanks in advance


Try activating the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” setting. This is found in the Cubase Devices>Device Setup…>VST Audio System menu. If that setting was already activated, try disabling it to see if that works.

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Yes, PRock is right. But there’s more.

I have a windows laptop and sometimes don’t connect my interface (and it’s driver) but just want to learn and practice and watch tutorials, so I run Cubase in ASIO4All with “release driver…” selected.

I find the only thing that consistently works is to similarly release my laptop Realtec driver before returning to Cubase.

  1. set Cubase to release driver
  2. play Cubase
  3. enable laptop driver (right-click the little speaker → playback devices)
  4. play YouTube, then pause
  5. disable laptop driver
  6. play Cubase

a. step 3 changes focus away from Cubase and releases its driver, as specified
b. if you also have a bluetooth audio driver, may have to disable that too before starting
c. while enabling/disabling the laptop driver, if you don’t press “OK” the action will work and the window will stay open for next time.
d. when recording a concert, do not use the option to release Cubase driver; any stray keystroke will break record. Or make sure you set record lock. Select File > Key Commands and in the Transport category, assign key commands to the Lock Record and Unlock Record commands. I use “[” and “]”

Please post if this works for you; many seem to have this frustration, just when you need most to switch back & forth to YouTube. If anybody has a less cumbersome way, please post, I’d love to see it.