You want respect?

Hi guys,

The more I look at the forum the more I understand, that SB treats us (users) right.

Did you see the topic “Sub-Categories for Cubase 7 Forum”? It’s here since 07 Dec 2012 13:00. When the last “issue” topic was posted on the main “Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7” page? - Today!
I know that we all are Mozarts and Mercurys, so we are too busy to read rules, to search forums… and are too genius to RTFM… But it looks like either we do not value people’s time or we’re too stupid to follow the simplest rules.
I think SB tries to change their behavior, they want to be more effective and they ask us to help them to sort the things out just by posting our stuff to the right place. So, why not?
I know, we’ve paid money, so we’ve got our RIGHT to post on the main page smth like: “[BUG!!!]!!! I HEAR NOTHING!”. (LOOK, MOM, I’VE FOUND A BUG! BUG.BUG.BUG.BUG.BUUUUG!!) Or smth like: “PROBLEMS” and list the things that have been discussed many times. But this way we’ll just add some work for admins and help nobody.

So, guys let’s respect ourselves and each other and SB team, of course, and follow the rules. Perhaps, life will be a bit easier.




Amen brother!

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I don’t want respect. I want a full working Cubase 7. I have many macro problems that are indipendent from knowing manuals or new features.

When dealing with software development on regular basis it’s OK to shout because you know the process, many of the shouters do not know this and shout without any logical basis! You cannot please everyone and 100% bug free does not exist, Bugs are normal and even in the pentagons systems there are bugs (also work-a-rounds)

Try to be functional in your shouts!

Software with bug free doesn’t exist. Ok! I know. But we talk about Super CPU and superPc (asus first class + Intel i7 not Canistracci motherboard with celeron spaghetti cpu) and Cubase 7 with less performance than Intel core 2 and Cubase 4.5.2. We talk about empy project when I must disable Spectrasonic Omnisphere or Toontrack Superior 2 or Uad power plug in because there are conflict when in previus version all worked fine…
Have you buy Cubase 7? I have got! And it’s impossible to work with 3rd party plug in and Cubase 7.
All my software are original.
Kontakt - Toontrack - Ik multimedia - Melodyne and so on. I need this software. I need a rock solid Cubase and Cubase 7 are not rock solid. You don’t believe me? Ok all right… In my opinion this is a beta version. Too many problems…
I must work with Cubase 6.5 even for new empy project. Or use Cubase 7 without my plugin…

There is some validity to all that. There is a wide spectrum of emotions at play…

  1. Left Wing: Too many bugs, released too quickly or insufficiently tested.
  2. Right Wing: It’s perfect, and anyone who says otherwise is just a whiner.
  3. Centrist: I like it a lot, but there are a few real issues that I’d like to see addressed quickly.

It’s rational person #3 who often gets lost in the “fog of war” between persons 1 and 2 who are adamant that it’s either a groundbreaking work of perfection or it’s a total fail. Person 1 is hammering Steiny for everything that isn’t perfect while person 2 is making excuses for anything and everything that doesn’t quite work as advertised, blaming everyone but the developers.

Person 3 is just saying “Please fix A as soon as possible, thanks.”

It doesn’t help that person 1 has an irresistible urge to be the first to own anything new and then complains about it or that person 2 simply can’t stand to hear anything remotely negative about his favorite software and lives in a permanent state of defensive behaviors.

Steiny would do themselves a real favor to ignore persons 1 & 2 (the eternal pessimists and the professional cheerleaders) and focus more on rational person(s) 3. :slight_smile:

Like with most things in life where people disagree… the real truth is often somewhere in the middle.

progressivefusion, can you consider the point of the OP, which is that as users we understand how much we know or don’t know, and talk accordingly, and be respectful to one another and to the developers? You joined this thread by making the precise type of complaint that proves the OP’s point.

Steinberg has indeed shown over the past couple update cycles that they do deal with the problems, and add new features; some I want, some I don’t. I do get exasperated with some aspects of how development goes sometimes. But it is, after all, their business, and not, say, a government subject to elections. (heh, I get better service from Steinberg than from my government!)

Even when one has something critical to say to another user, as I have in this post, I try to speak in a tone that invites positive response. So many forum users do too. I’ll get off my soapbox now…

+1 for a respectful collegial atmosphere

Categorically I can say these plugins work (bar melodyne) because I am using them as we speak.

Did you trash your preferences and re-scan?

I have no preferences. Clean windows Home installation. Clean Cubase 7 installation. Clean plug in installation. Ok problems are mine. Every 2 years the same story, new cubase, new features, new problems.
I don’t know why I spent for a top Pc to use 64bit having more problems than 4.5.2. Ok I have track icon, a new audio engine and so on…
The fault is mine… I know… You talk because everything works fine in your system… :neutral_face:

I have to agree with the idea that jumping on a new major version without any significant testing beforehand often leads to issues. All you have to do is have a look at the Sony Vegas 12.x update release notes and the - very, very long - list of issues they fixed or addressed in the first patch. :slight_smile:

That’s the biggest problem with beta testing, that likely way too many beta testers don’t actually - use - the product beta daily in real world work, they often just kinda test this feature and that feature, and often don’t circle back and test for regression as things change along the way. Vegas 12 had (or still maybe has) some - major - issues. I mean, like render a video that takes 2 hours to render and find out the last few frames are all digital black issues… which was confirmed by Sony, which means that no beta tester actually ever did that during testing?

Not all that uncommon… as companies - try - to pick professional users to test and most of them won’t risk their work on a beta.

It’s very often a good idea to wait a little bit, and jump on board maybe after the first round or two of fixes, especially if your livelyhood depends on a fully stable product… unless you can test first. Developers are human, and flawed, and bugs are inevitable. What really matters is how fast they fix them once they actually find them.

I have no doubt that Cubase 7 is stable and issue free (relatively speaking) for the majority, but a major update will always bring a new round of bugs, in any product.

I’ll be putting it through it’s paces once they release a demo.

This is exactly right! Well said. Worse yet, the “wings” just serve to irritate each other, thereby drowning out the center. I must say, however, that it is also an issue when Steinberg ignores the centerist who has valid concerns. But all in all, this post is spot on.

Spot on indeed, bravo!

The situation would be way more relaxed, if Steinberg would care to moderate this forum, tame the extremists and acknowledge the work of the reasonable issue-finders!

Siednote: the forum structure is unfortunately not very straight, with locks on unlocked areas etc., so posting in wrong parts will happen - so what? If Steinberg is clever, they filter out as much valuable information as they can, wherever the posts are.

Is it fully up-to-date, with the latest .NET service packs and patches?