Алия (КешYou)

Spread on your court work together Dilmurat Bakharov arranger and sound producer Vladimir Belov. Alia song in response to the Kazakh group KeshYou. Made in Cubase 5.5.2

Do not tighten with the comments. (waiting for your comments)

PS: Translated in Google …

Not sure what you meant to say here, but here comes MY comments

It’s great. I like how it builds to a nice full climax. I always enjoy listening to Pop sung in a foreign tongue.

I take it from the video that this is part of a soundtrack to a film about a particular Soviet WWII female soldier. Interesting contrast of music and subject.

PS: Translated in Google …

No doubt

I think he means don’t hold back with the comments.

  1. Is she single? :laughing:

  2. Is there a downloadable version of this? I’d love to put this on my iPod.

Wow! That’s gotta be one of the most impressive and moving vids I’ve seen for a long time… and I have no idea what they are singing about. Loved it!! :smiley:

PS: Translated in Google …

Argh!! :astonished:

Well, as it happens and quite coincidentally “A zori zdes tikhiye” turns out to be my Wife’s favourite movie/TV series. She immediately recognised the war scenes in this video clip. Apparently she watched it several times some years ago - with a box of tissues on hand!

She thinks you should record the singers in some more suitable outdoor scenes - more closely matching the movie context instead of using the studio clips. :wink:

But again, great song and wonderful production! :sunglasses:

bump! :slight_smile:

I cannot believe more folks aren’t watching this. :confused:
Your loss. This is fabulous in my opinion. Seriously. An incredible coincidence perhap that the clips used were taken from a Russian movie that is very familar and totally loved by my wife, but that aside, from a blokes perspective, its got it all - hot chicks that can sing! - and moving footage as well.

Just click the farkin ‘play’ button and watch it you idiots! :smiling_imp: You will not be disappointed.

I’m totally captivated by this. I can’t watch and hear it enough… it’s… well… it’s beautiful… Ok, maybe this is RIGHT up my alley, and not yours but… :slight_smile:

I agree that this is a well crafted and produced song/video. The first part is good and the soundtrack matches the images well. After about 1.50, and especialy after 2.30, there seems to be a disjunct between the music and the video - as the music gets more ‘pop/chart’ sounding the video shows more horrors of war with people being lined up in rifle sights, bombs exploding etc. I don’t know what they are singing about so I can’t really comment, and the production is great, but to me it seems the wrong style of music.

Excellent singer, music and production.

Going from war scenes to shots studio gear seemed a bit odd to me but I know nothing about video production.


This is terrific. Really like this a lot.

Is it possible there is a translation of the lyrics? Even a google translation? :slight_smile:

I actually preferred the subdued opening to the climactic finish. I also felt the arbitrary shots of studio gear unnecessary.

But these are minor quibbles.

Yeah… the studio shots are nice enough but rather disconnected from the theme. I think Mrs Sherz was right on the money when she said the prducer should have the three singers in an appropriate outdoor scene somewhere…

Is it possible there is a translation of the lyrics?

Yeah…where’s our old pal Misha when you need him!


KeshYou is a trio from Kazahkistan, kind of like a Destiny’s Child of the lower Caucasus. :exclamation: It appears they’re singing about some WWII female snipers in the Soviet Army, which was an “Equal Opportunity Employer” for sure. Back in the day, Stalin would deport European Soviets to Siberia and Asian Soviets to – Kazahkstan. That’s about all I know but it strikes me as weird that modern Kazahks would celebrate the impressment of Asian women into the Soviet army.

Wow! Damn good! Great vocalist, nice tune, well written/performed and very well produced!

I agree with previous post’s though on the video…the switching between the war movie and studio video feels a little dis-jointed. IMHO the singer’s beautifull already and you use a really neat visual effect on her (not sure exactly what it is…almost like a softening filter or something). I’d consider, dropping the war film segments and just use the studio shots of the singer.

I am curious, did you import the video into Cubase to link the music and video together?

Well done!