"Your Cubase Elements 8 trial license has expired"

Soo I downloaded a trial version of Cubase Elements 8 and used it for the entire term. I went and purchased a Yamaha MG10XU mixer and a Cubase AI program came with it as well. I downloaded the Cubase AI program and now every time I attempt to open it a popup box stating “Your Cubase Elements 8 trial license has expired. You cannot use it any longer” shows and the program attempts to load and instantaneously disappears. Once that happens I get a ‘Problem Report for Cubase AI Elements’ that also states the Cubase LE AI Elements quit unexpectedly. I have uninstalled/installed not only the cubase program but also the Elicenser as well. No help contacting Slowberg for support, its been weeks and I haven’t received a reply solution yet. ANY ONE experience the same issue and know of possible solutions?!? Other than going outside in the back yard screaming “WHYYYYYY!!!”