Your experiences with Wacom Intuos 5 Touch and Cubase 6.5

Hi Community! :slight_smile:

I am considering buying a Wacom Intuos5 Touch to “pimp up” my cubase setup (can’t wait for the imac Touch).
I was wondering if any of you have some past experience with that kind of marriage? Anything really, I’d like to hear it :slight_smile:
Does it integrate well with cubase? :stuck_out_tongue:
How well does the buttons link up with the tools?
Is there a quick Learn function?
Can I connect it through automap server, or anything like that - or is it plug and play?
Does it render cubase unstable? :S
Does it communicate in MIDI?

What do you think about it?

I’ve found it very hard to get these informations elsewhere, and I apologize if there is another thread - I couldn’t find it. :wink:

I’m running mac OSX 10.6.8 on both my mac book and my imac.

A great day to you all!

Just got one today and it works quite nicely (also the touch options) except one thing. If you do a left mousclick and hold the buttonafter maybe half a second the mouse turns into an animated closing circle and you do a rightmouse click. So if you’re not fast enough (mostly you will do parameter changes or move something) you have to click again, it’s a bit annyoing but works most of the time.
I just posted this in the german forum, let’s see if someone comes up with a workaround.

AH , one more downer. You can scroll only vertical with the touch function, BUT if you press shift you can also scroll horizontal.

Hope that helps


OK, got that annyoing right mouse click figuered out:

“Press & Hold for Right Click” is a Tablet PC feature that allows you to emulate a right mouse button click by holding down the pen on the same spot for a few seconds. This is a reasonable idea, but is poorly implemented in the initial version of the Tablet PC OS, causing a variety of ugly side-effects. It is on by default for many Tablet PCs.

  1. Open the Control Panel, then launch Tablet & Pen Settings.

  2. In the window that opens, select the tab Pen Options, then double-click Press & Hold … Right Click.

  3. In the window that opens, uncheck the checkbox Enable press and hold for right click.

  4. Click the button OK in both of the windows, then close the Control Panel.

Note: if you have used this feature to access context menus, you should instead hold in the pen’s switch with your thumb and tap with the pen.