Your input on my output

Hi all I recorded this track in Cubase and i am looking to bring it up to date. Any suggestions much appreciated as is any critique of the track.

I don’t think I can “critique” anything on that one. Very beautiful production. And, the singer is awesome!

I enjoyed this tune a lot and will probably have to go back and listen again through the cans because I feel like there are probably some subtle details I missed.

Did I mention that the singer is awesome !?!

One of the most “professional” sounding tunes I’ve seen (heard) posted here.

Okay, going to listen with the headphones now … maybe I’m a bit tipsy and my judgement is slightly off.

Okay, just listened through some old AKG K271 MKII phones and the only thing I noticed was that the low bass was a bit “thick”, if that makes any sense. Most noticed right in the beginning. Previously listened on some crappy KRK 4 inchers (actually, they are pretty good - I like them better than the 5 inchers) at low volume and I didn’t notice it as much.

Anyway … since you are looking for suggestions and critiques, I just thought I would throw my observations out there.

I’m sure others in different listening environments will have different observations.

Again, I very much enjoyed this song! Nicely done.


Thank you for the feedback. I think the bass is thick in the begining and then my ear is drawn to it. Maybe if I lower it at the beginning and bring down the compressor throughout.
Thanks again for your input and kind words.

I’d echo the sentiment that there is not a lot wrong with this track. The singer and musicians are very talented and the production is outstanding.
OK if you really want me to pick on something, there were just a couple of little imperfections in a couple of performances.
When the intro repeats at 1:38, the keyboard playing that little minor key repeating figure is dragging. It feels like it’s fighting with the tempo of the song a little.
At 0:51 to 1:05 the tempo of that piano figure drifts a little but it’s not bad.
There are other spots where the guitar, the vocalist and the keyboard are laying behind the beat a little, but that’s part of the sound of this kind of music and it sounds fine. At 1:38 is the main spot where it doesn’t seem to work.
If I really want to get picky, at 0:57, the delay repeats on the piano figure sound like they may not be synced to tempo. They’re a little faster.

Really, it’s very well done. Congratulations!

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Thank you for the feedback, very useful. Picked up on a few I missed. Always afraid of over working guitar tracks. Don’t want to lose the natural feel, but fully take on board all your pointers. Cheers

Well done! This is just a question of taste, but I would have preferred less reverb on the excellent vocal tracks. She’s singing in a somewhat breathy, intimate way, and I’m thinking more to the front of the mix would suit it better. But again, it’s a question of taste. You obviously know what you’re doing!

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I fully agree with That70srocker. The song is great and the singer is superb! I also love the electric guitar! Played with very much feeling.
When people start nitpicking you know you have something good!
So here are my nitpicking points:

  1. You have to evaluate this acoustic piano b-c-g sample (yes it would be better to play it yourself, but his sounds like a sample) from start to finish to get the timing and feeling correct throughout the entire piece because I can hear more inconsistencies than That70srocker already mentioned.
  2. I personally would replace the acoustic guitar sound that starts at 01:45 for a more realistic one. It sounds very synthetic and doesn’t do justice to the overall quality of this piece of music.
  3. At 02:10 there is an inconsistency between the bass and the melody.

But like i said. Just nitpicking in the hopes you can get this song sound even better than it already does!

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This is a really nice sounding song, and I’ll mainly echo what others have already said. I’ll start by mentioning that the very beginning reminded me of Holding Back the Years by Simply Red for some reason. The rest of the song certainly didn’t, but the first few measures did. I liked the bass sound and performance (I’m a bassist). I wouldn’t change that. The vocals are excellent, as everyone has basically said.
The one thing I would change a little is the guitar sound and how you’ve got it mixed. It’s probably a matter of taste, but I’d prefer it to be a little less prominent than it is, and more of a coloring. The sound is sort of a “Santana sound”, which I find great in many contexts, but here I’d prefer less drive on the guitar and the effects to be dialed back just a little.
I didn’t notice the other things that were mentioned, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I’m just mentioning my own impressions, with the overall one being that this was a really nice job.

Thank you for your feeedback, im thinking I agree with you, i will look at that keyboard element again.

Hi the piano is played, it recorded from a yamaha s90. but i think i over quantised it.

I will look at the guitar part again, the electric is a real guitarist on a fender strat. I have abetter classic guitar sample set from amplesounds now so will try that.