Your love is radioactive

Just got round to finishing this song in Cubase…if you take a listen, I thank you :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Wow. Took me back to the 80’s in a lot of ways-thematically and musically. Might’ve gotten some play on K-ROC in LA back in the day. If that’s what you were going for with this track, you pretty much nailed it.

thanks for the kind comment, :slight_smile: wasn’t aiming for the 80’s but I always seem to end up there… :confused:

Hey Kevin, really nice tune! The sound, balance, mix, all sound great! And the singing as always! Especially love the harmony parts.

Like it, the tape-stop effect at the end takes me able to Grinding Halt by The Cure!, only comment (subjective really) I’d probably make a copy of the bass track low passed at about 500hz and compress the crap out of the low end, I feel the bass comes and goes a bit but that might be me being picky. You’d probably have to side-chain the kick over the top to keep the drive. Good job though, nice mix.

good point regarding the bass…thanks… :slight_smile:

Very good song. Good mood. Nice lull to contrast towards the end of the song and the finale is surprising. Good job!

Nice song, good vocals…

cheers, guys…ta for listening…