Your Name

Your Name - Jan Le’Brandt (vocals) - Made with Cubase 6.5 :slight_smile:

Hope you like it !

A perfect song for the mood I am in. The only thing I did not care for to much was when the volume raised about midway through the song. Other than that. I thought it was very good !

At some moments I almost thought that "house for sale’ should kick in :slight_smile:
uhm, meant as a compliment!

Thanks for listening and thanks to both of you !

I thought the opposite. Nice to have music with dynamics! I like the way you held the full band until relatively late in the song too. :sunglasses:

My only little nit was that it was difficult to hear the words when the vocals were quiet in the verses. Maybe the music could go down even more there or just bring the voice up only a touch.


I love the tune and sounds great, maybe the high strings were a little brittle. I also agree about the Vocal being soft in same spot…If you tuck the picking sound back or even mute it there that might do the trick. Great track!!!

Agreed with all the above, great track!

Hey, a big thanks to all of you !

fabulous! Sounds almost like … naw, I won’t tell you! It sounds more like you which is healthier in the long run for you. I think this song is ready, take the next one on, if you think the same :sunglasses:

Yup… I really like this too! Actually I think this quite a sensational and very powerful, dynamic track. The vocalist is extremely good! Man he’s really digging deep with this delivery! Chills! His timbre and delivery really shines and certainly is (as of course he should be) the star of the show. AND, there’s places unfortunately where vocal clarity is lost - it seems like the levels are in fact a bit wayward. Around 1:53 for example I reckon the vocal level should be close to the earlier chorus at 1:06 and the chorus that immediately follows. Later the vocal, while louder, is getting buried in the arrangement - but wow! - what a fabulous arrangement! :slight_smile:

The song itself ticks all the boxes for me. Sort the vocal mix out and this will be a real winner! Though - I notice you’ve had it mastered already so maybe you’re past tweaking the mix??

Good stuff! :sunglasses:

PS. Lyrics?

wow … thanks … indeed … im really grateful for all the kind words and nice feedback ! About the vocal levels … Sherz, you may have a point. You will hear back from me asap … i may send you a pm if thats ok with you ?

Sure. Actually, listening in my studio today I think you may also may need to look at the bottom end too, its all subjective of course, but I thought it was perhaps lacking a little punch and warmth overall and maybe generally there’s a lack of definition - a full rich atmospheric arrangement like this can get quite murky quite quickly! :slight_smile:

Wonderful vocal! I’m also having trouble discerning some of the words when he drops down. You can actually level out the volume in those parts and it will still carry the intended effect.

To me, the cut is quite heavy on upper frequencies, and comes across as fairly shrill/abrasive. As usual, that’s probably a soundcloud encoding issue

Nice song, and GREAT pipes! :sunglasses: