Your product dosent work im no expert refund me

its 22 cubase 12 upgrade crashing all over place mastering chain down ruined, im a top down mixer i want to open my project and just work, this is crap how about a refund il go back to version 11

How about trying to get and provide crash dumps along with a better description of “when” it crashes in order for SB to have a chance to analyze and solve it. Don’t forget to mention involved plugins - more often than not those are part of the issues.

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Provide also more details about your system, please. Mac/Windows, version?

12 pro gives you an auto pop up box to send log dumps, did you know that each time it does it, so waiting isnt an option for months for me, as i say i shouldnt have to think about which one is causing what, im no tech head i have a basic understanding more of a multi instrumentalist than problem solver, cubase 11 was fine so when bringing a new product you shouldnt have it undo all the previous good stuff is my thinking going forward, improvement is not tinkering

windows 64 pro 10 on two machines, 11 was faultless, this is a mare

Yes, that sounds like a fair request. I guess if you contact steinberg directly they should refund you.
I mean they sold you a product that’s not working for you as expected so you can ask them to troubleshoot your system and if there is no solution for you then you should get a refund.

You would hope this to be true, however:

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I will clarify that the C12 product now works; after the second update in particular. But that took a while. I wouldn’t describe the Steinberg customer service response as good. They need to work on a unified response system. Not me contacting Australia; then waiting for them; then getting bounced to Germany to tell me that it’s an Asknet issue.

yes going forward i hear your issues with this too, i upgraded on faith in how good the sound and everything got after 10 for me, but when it crashes trying to remove a vst say xln addictive drums, and crash trying to add other plugs that worked fine before is deflating each and every time and they need to really pay attention, because the more peed off a customer or ers get the less they get then less sold less jobs etc, dont let the rot get in and drop the ball, esp when taking hard earned coin off said customer equals happy customer, resupply the damn code as they have already paid once thats it, they dont think we are genuine obv forking out hundreds and hundreds to them, steinberg get a grip

can steinberg answer, so when the send dump log box appears and a thankyou for sending after each crash and restart several each day for me, is this going to get my system back like working as 11 did or will you refund me what i paid in the upgrade to be fair you have my logs as proof im sure and agree this is not on, be interesting to read of the solution without a long process and wait, go on be the difference steinberg, make a customer happy and forums shine again, faith is all i have right now

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I don’t even know what your actual problems with Cubase are, because your writing is atrocious! Lol

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Weird thread. Still Cubase should not crash, even if the plugins crash.
Would be nice if you could leave a vote here if you think the same:

Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

oh wow a real modern day grammer wankmaster has turned up to yawn the party, laugh out loud boy

You do realize if you want official support from Steinberg on this you need to create a support ticket and they aren’t going to just find you on the forum and trouble shoot your issue, right? Sending crash reports from within the app doesn’t mean you have a support ticket open.

no no your missing the point my original thread was it dosent work refund me, also a sense of humour required as not all forums are a place for assumptions, i dont expect support help for cubase here, interesting to read of others having multiple problems on full paid for products and the company are aware im sure, but it isnt clear on the opening page yet, its funy to me how many part with the money for a product now that has more problems than ever its wrong to charge money see, the point of the refund staement
im aware you contact stein direct to get it sorted personal and maybe a remote access yes indeed, thankyou