Your system finger print is not valid anymore... What???

I downloaded and installed 7.5 today. At the same time I put USB bluetooth next to Cubase dongle (and may have touched it a bit). Now when I try to open 7.5 I get this eLicenser Control message. And it also says: The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed! Soft-eLicencer and stored licenses have been disabled. Hardware eLicensers are not affected! Please contact your software vendors’ support deparment for help and reactivation.

HELP! I have no idea what to do.


Did you put the 7.5 licence on the dongle??

First of all, don’t worry.

‘Hardware eLicensers’ refers to the USB elicenser, the dongle. The ‘Soft-eLicencer and stored licenses’ refers to those on your hard drive. They are completely separate. Cubase 7.5 only uses the ‘Hardware eLicenser’ the software licenses are for other products, so don’t worry.

When you click out of that dialog, what happens next? Does Cubase 7.5 launch?

Aloha guys,

Similar prob here but Fabio helped me figure it.

Good Luck!

it sounds like you have cloned a drive or repaired your system so , just run the maintenance in the Elicence center ,that normally cures it

THANK YOU GYUS!!! Life is good when you have friends to help you!!!