Your Wavelab Elements 11.2 license will expire today

I had Wavelab Elements 11.2 installed on my previous Windows 10 PC with e-licenser. The PC was upgraded with new hardware but in the process the old hard drive (C: Drive) stopped being bootable. I have tried lots of combinations of downloads and activation codes but I get this warning message when I start Wavelab. It says that my voucher has been redeemed and is now showing as Used. In My Products I have “Wavelab Elements 11.2 Update from 10” which is not yet activated, as well as “Wavelab Elements 11 (Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing)” which was activated today.

When I try using Download Centre with the “Wavelab Elements 11.2 Update from 10” it brings up a screen asking me to activate it. However, the code associated with it fails, saying there are no licences and to attach my USB e-licenser which I have never had.

When I click on More Information none of the solutions help, as it is not showing as pending or expired. I’m sure this has been covered before, but if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be very happy.

I have a ticket open with Support (ID624611) but haven’t had any info from them, although I have updated the ticket with more info.