Your website sucks

Trying to find the download section for all software you currently is a pain.
They are tucked away under “Support” which is where you would go after searching all over your website and couldn’t find them.
Put links under “MySteinberg” under “My products”.

Also, I didn’t purchase an upgrade to Dorico this evening because your site does not recognize my ID and password, THE SAME ID AND PASSWORD THAT SIGN ME IN TO “MySteinberg”. In fact I was logged in to “MySteinberg” and I was still asked for my credentials to buy.
I tried multiple times, but trying to buy a product kept signing me out and telling me that “login failed”.

If you want my money, you are going to have to start doing better that this.

Dear Vv,
I suggest you use the Steinberg Download Assistant — which is an app that installs the first time you run a Steinberg product. Since it’s the “normal” way for downloading apps from Steinberg, no wonder why they don’t make other (conventional) mays more easy to find.
And yes, there are different accounts (Steinberg and mysteinberg).
You are certainly not the only one complaining about how complicated it is to install some Steinberg products, and there certainly is room for improvement, from a user point of view.

The shop has a separate account I think.


VV, I’m sorry that you’ve had problems navigating the web site. It is as Jesper says: the online shop (which is run for us by a third-party company called Nexway/AskNet) requires a separate user account to MySteinberg (which in turn requires a separate user account to this forum, though at least that will be taken care of soon when we move to new forum software that will use your MySteinberg account for authentication).

If you’re still having problems, please let me know what update/upgrade you are looking for, and I’ll be pleased to provide you with a direct link to the correct product in our shop.

Also somewhat related, clicking Help/Check for Updates in Dorico 3.5.1 redirects to the 3.1.1 download page, which obviously isn’t very helpful.

I’ve worked in software for 25 years, and Steinberg software has been around at least as long. I can tell you that it’s the nature of the beast that systems that Dorico users, such as the website, licensing and download hub are going to be like old haunted mansions, with lots of dusty rooms and scary ghosts. It’s just the way this works, accept it and move on. We could have a discussion for a day talking about why this happens, but just accept that no legacy software company I’ve seen has figured out how to avoid it (except the ones with Billions like Apple/Microsoft/Google.)

Having said that we are in the amazingly fortunate position that the Dorico team got a Golden Opportunity that almost never happens. It was an experienced team that got a chance to do it all over from scratch, the right way. That is so rare, and is why we are seeing such amazing features coming out, with more to come. It takes doing it once to learn the proper architecture for a system, and these guys knew it and had the chance to do it the way it should be done.

So don’t get your blood pressure up, it’s just a web site. And a difficult web site is a small price for how much Dorico will help you, as you’ll discover after say a month with it :slight_smile: (I say a month to warn you that scoring is a complex operation, and you’re likely to get frustrated at first, but just give it time and you’ll see how sublime this software is)

We all know google’s solution! :slight_smile:

lol … yeah, I spent ‘some time’ at headquarters, they have an interesting culture. Apple too, their solution is also to just obsolete hardware and API’s (both Google and Apple are successful enough that they can get away with it). Only Microsoft believes in (or has to) supporting old software, for all the mind cracking difficulty that is. As they say “we can’t have a oil platform in the North Atlantic go offline”.


I fully agree with VV, I think the website is poor. I know how good Dorico is and the website doesn’t even come close to telling the story.