Your world is surreal

Hi peeps, a song about living on the internet,

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Good works! It sounds very Retro Pop, I like it a lot. The voice is still well mixed. According to my perception, I would have reduced the volume of the part of the sequenced synth compared to the whole. This part being present from beginning to end and repetitive, the ear assimilates it very quickly. Maybe she doesn’t need to be so dominant. It’s a very personal remark.

Really cool song! I believe that nowadays, there are more and more things in the world that are surreal…

Hey Kevin, another really nice one. I would have liked your vocal to be a little louder, and I think as Rene points out, the sequenced synth could be turned down a bit. Minor points. Love the female vocalizations later on in the piece (assumption that it’s female on my part).