You're Almost There!

I started using Finale right from the beginning at version 1.0 but had to change to Sibelius when Finale just didn’t seem to get a much needed update when Mac OSX went 64-bit. I have been using Sibelius since, even though Finale finally made it to the 64-bit club, but then Dorico made it’s appearance and showed a lot of promise. Sadly though, the initial releases of the program was seriously lacking in some areas and made it difficult for me to make yet a transition. Now in v1.2 most of the issues I had has been addressed and as the title of this post says: You Are Almost there! There are however a few things that has to be added before I can take the plunge. These are:

  • Slash Notation
  • Measure Repeats
  • Other repeats like Dal Segno, D.C, D.C etc

As you probably can tell I write a lot of lead sheets.

Then there are a few things that are not immediately necessary but would be great regardless:

  • Guitar Chord symbols that can be added automatically together with chords or alone
  • A lyric Window where the complete lyrics could be entered, edited and inserted into the score, similar to Finale
  • Support for Audio Units plugins (since Dorico is made by Steinberg I won’t hold my breath)

When the three first functions are added I will make the switch immediately. I hope this will happen in v1.3 (or maybe v1.5). Please keep up the good work. I am really looking forward what you have in store for the future. :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback, SteamingT. I cannot promise when specific things will be added to the program, but all of the areas in your “must-have” list are among our highest priorities to work on next, and of your “nice-to-haves” list, certainly we plan to add guitar chord diagrams as soon as it is practical to do so. However, you’re right not to hold your breath for Audio Unit support, as I’m afraid I don’t expect that to happen soon. If Cubase starts supporting Audio Units then Dorico will be able to follow suit!