This tune was done about 2 years ago with Cubase Artist 8. I was just trying to get the hang of some of the percussive possibilities in Halion, rather than relying on Groove Agent. This somehow resulted. You’ll hear nylon and steel string acoustics along with a fretless bass and assorted things from Halion.
The feel of this somehow reminds me of the song Guardian Angels from John McLaughlin with Paco De Lucia and Al DiMeola on Friday Night Live in San Francisco, although I’ll cheerfully admit that my compositional skills and guitar chops come nowhere near that tune or those players.
Named it Youth because it seemed to me to catch some of the joy of that time in life along with the wistfulness that comes from realizing that those days are past.

Cool piece, Swetch. Is it all Halion, or did you play some of it? Sounds like a score to a Wes Anderson film!

I play the guitars and bass on it. They’re analog recordings of the “real things”. What I was getting at was the idea that rather than Groove Agent percussion, the percussion here was all through Halion.
Thanks for listening and the soundtrack reference. I’ve seen a few of his films. I’ll revisit them and check out the music.