YouTube Tutorials

So in the version comparison chart, it is indicated that Cubase 9 Artist and Pro come with “Over 5 hours of HD video tutorials available on YouTube”. I have Cubase 9 Artist, but couldn’t find these tutorials anywhere. Any clue?

Open the Steinberg Hub, “New Features” and “quick Start” are video tutorials hosted on YouTube. YouTube is good at showing related content, so you’ll find many independent videos as well. Some of them are really good.

Thanks for your reply. I did see those videos, but those aren’t “over 5 hours”. In the Quick Start there is only about 30 minutes of very basic stuff like “how to set up your computer for Cubase” and stuff like that. Not a lot of in-depth stuff there.

I know there are lots of stuff on YouTube, but I was looking forward to watching the “5 hours of tutorials” when buying Cubase 9 Artist as advertised…

I contacted Cubase support about it already, waiting for for their reply.


The Steinberg channel has far more than 5 hours of Cubase videos.

is good for beginners. It’s associated with the Cubase books by Darren Jones.