"Z" for alternate zoom for selected track an previous view status

just a request for the useful Zoom selected track. Actually the Z command zoom the selected track but when type Z again Cubase reduce the tracks at the minimum zoom level (one line).
It would be great if when typing again Z Cubase return to the previous zoom status and not reduce tracks to one line zoom.
If I’m missing somethings, well, let me know, but if it is useful, please vote this simple request.
Thanks guys

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Z must be assigned to the zoom to minimum or something like it.
Go to the key commands menu, press “z” and find the command is assigned to and you should see both, then delete the zoom to minimum.

Z is assigned to “Zoom the selected track” only. Cubase reduce all other tracks to minimum value when zooming the selected track and left all reduced when pressing the Z again.
What I’m asking for is to avoid that Cubase reduce all to th one line zoom by default.
The only way to workaround now is to create another key command for Undo Zoom, but it is not useful how to have one key for zooming in and out.

The command is ‘Zoom Tracks Exclusive’, it’s intended to operate as it currently does in which all tracks are minimum so that the only tracks zoomed in are the ones you activated the command for. It’s a two-state feature.

that is how it works

Instead use ‘Undo Zoom’ command to accomplish what you want. My suggestion is to bind Alt+Z to ‘Undo Zoom’ so it’s handy.

I use “enlarge selected track” for that, I have it on “v” as a toggle switch, don’t know whether that is the original key command. Has the additional advantage that you can resize the height of the selected track to your likings and it remembers the size.