Z on stem-tremolo, playback with BBC SO

How can I make Dorico choose the tremolo-patch in the BBC-template, instead of playing back fast repetitions, when using the “z on stem” tremolo technique?

You would need to make sure that the “Buzz roll” technique is mapped to the appropriate switch in your expression map, I expect.

Right, so I didn´t mention this was relating to strings, sorry;-) In any case, I can see that the tremolo technique is mapped to G#-2 in the Expression Map dialogue, and G#-1 in the BBC-plugin… does that matter?

Make sure that you have understood correctly how BBC SO refers to middle C. Different applications use different values: some use C3, some (the sensible ones) use C4, and some use C5. Choose in the Expression Maps dialog the convention that matches the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the library you’re working with.

Ok, thanks Daniel!

Hi Daniel, sorry to ask about this again, but I´m struggling here,-) I just can´t figure out where to make the buzzroll-stem map to the tremolo switch in the expression map. In the repeat structures panel, there is no edit button… If you could point me to the right menu where I can tell Dorico to switch to the tremolo using buzzroll?

Daniel is quite right – the screenshot shows what to do. Just select the tremolo switch and change it (using the pencil tool) to “buzz roll”. If you want to use the standard tremolo as well, I advise using “duplicate technique” and change the duplicate to “buzz roll” instead.

Thankyou, here as well! Now I see how the structure works, couldn´t get the order of the hierarchy;-)