Z-Order Redraws in Cubase 8 for Windows

And what a spectacle to behold it is.

So many flickering, redrawing under and overlapping windows every time Cubase opens and then closes a modal dialog.

All those Windows on Top get swapped to behind and then back again.

Those hit hardest are those with a ton of plugins open on large monitors and that have some z-order to them.

I’m pretty sure it’s an unfortunate side effect of the way they’ve implemented the “standard” way of doing things on Microsoft Windows, but can’t help feel like it’s Windows’ MDI all over again.

Surely there’s a better way.

It’s a visual freak show, but can’t be good for stability, either.

What don’t we like about Sonar, Studio One, Ableton and Bitwig, in this regard?

Are their docking systems too limiting, monitor assignment, or otherwise?

Cubase seems to be the only modern DAW doing things this way.