Z170 build choices

I’m building a couple skylake computers. One for gaming/internet and one for dedicated DAW. I like the idea of having similar (switchable) components so that I can easily trouble shoot and replace parts if needed.

I went ahead and ordered a couple 6700k processors and fractal design R5 cases. I am hoping to get some opinions and/or suggestions on the motherboard and memory and psu. I have a Maximus VIII Hero ASUS board that I thought I would use for the gaming machine but I’m starting to think that I might just get another one for the DAW build also. If anyone has any experience with the Sabertooth Z170 or other models I think it would be nice to stay with ASUS if possible for the MB on the DAW.

I’ll be going with 16MB ram for the gaming build and either 32 or 64 for the DAW. I’ll be using Noctua D15 coolers and overclocking both builds. I’ll have to look at dimensions on the D15 and the memory modules to make sure they will both fit.

I haven’t decided on whether to run m.2 Samsung 950 pro or just 850 evo for OS on either system and I’m not sure how many and what size 850 evos single or raid0 arrays for the DAW. I like speed but I don’t want to waist money either if a 950 isn’t going to improve anything of significance in a DAW build.

I’ll probably use a GTX950 for the DAW just running two 1080p ips displays (not sure if I even need a separate video card for the DAW but I definitely don’t want to do anything to slow down or add latency to the system if I use the on board graphics).

I haven’t settled on any specific PSU and I dont think i’ll need a large one for the DAW but would like it to be sufficient for overclocking the cpu a bit and the modest vid card. Quiet and reliable is what i’m hoping for and probably around the 650w range is what I am thinking unless told otherwise.

I’ll be trying Windows 10 for the DAW (crossing fingers) and will probably stay with Win7 for the game build.

Thank you for any suggestions or tips on the DAW build. I should have the gaming machine figured out ok since its not that unusual.

I decided to just start on the music computer. Everything arrived on time except Tiger Direct sent 3 of my ssd’s across the United States for no apparent reason. (they shipped from California where I am located to Georgia and now I will have to wait until Tuesday next week to get them). I did receive the 950pro m.2 though so I can load the operating system and get things started.

I am quite pleased with the component choices so far. They seem well designed and no problems yet (posted but haven’t loaded the OS yet),

Fractal Design R5 case
ASUS Rog Moaximus VIII Hero Motherboard
Intel i7 6700k
Noctua NH-D15 cooler
HyperX savage (4x8) 32GB DDR4 2400 CAS 12-13-13 RAM
Corsair RM650x PSU
Samsung 950 pro m.2 512GB
Samsung 850 evo 500GB ssd (3) [in transit hopefully]
Windows 10 pro

Can I ask how much you paid for that?
You’re settling with onboard graphics for now? I did on my machine, it doesn’t seem to affect performance.

Case $99, MB $228, CPU $389, Cooler $99, Ram $225, PSU $109, M.2 500GB $349, SSD’s $149 (x3).

It is very quiet and I pleased with everything so far. I just loaded the OS and chrome along with a few drivers. I’ll be loading up cubase, the cc121 and audio drivers then I’ll start with the sound libraries once my ssd’s arrive.