Zap Go's Pop [music] :)

Well, Congratulations and job well done! Enjoyed it.


Got it playing right now. :slight_smile:

Sounds great mate :slight_smile:

Turn the kick, bass and vocals up and not much else needed IMHO :slight_smile:

Sounds good. What strikes me is the arrangement could be tightened to be shorter. You build on the outro and then keep going past what seems the natural peak. Also you have a little melody on the synth that could be duplicated on another instrument and used to expand the song.

That’s pretty dang good, Steve

I agree with Paul: more kick, bass, and a bit more vocal. I think the overdriven guitars are WAY too far in the background. Beautiful solo, too, but it also could be louder. Also, not to get too nitpicky, but the little arppegiated flutey thing – I’d keep that JUST for the chorus

Actually… this tune is quite wunderbar. I look forward to hearing some minor tweaks

Team Fogel F’k Yeah!!!

I see the crits of Paul and Doug … yup … making sense. Plus they’ve got some of the ‘listening chops’ that I don’t have.

I wish you were in UK … make you and your lady celebration, dinner, cos I know is waaay more than a new song which has rolled, shinking, out of the garage. My main response is that it did not surprise me in the least that it would be great when I came to hear it. It was. And now this release to the forum. Me, I’ve always known that it’s your high standards and perfectionism which led to there being a few years delay. The wait has been worth it.

Yer guitar … every note put somewhere Useful.
Yer singing … I say you took a lifetime of guitarplaying, and and anchored it to this singing-which-you-used-to-say-yer-not-good-at, and came out with a vocal part and performance which more than lives up to your ZapAxe handle. Even your Whoaa’s had meaning.

Actually … within next few days … Skype and Beer. Gonna happen.

haha cool! :sunglasses:
Sort of reminds me of [deleted*] by [deleted*]

Great song, but I agree with Mahogany about the natural peak.

Also I think the snare in particular but maybe the drums in general seems to be in a space in front of the rest of the song? A little more “room” and maybe soften the top end with some EQ. I kinda like the lazy drumming, though!

All the lead stuff, vox and guitar, sounds great but it’s buried? I have no idea who could have buried that … :confused: :mrgreen:

*Well, it sounds like Steve … 'nuff said! What I had in mind was [yada yada yada] who sold a lot of records for good reasons 15 years ago. But it’s kinda frustrating to be compared to something you might not even like so I dropped that. :wink:

I think we should be able to embed mp3s, I disabled flash since I found out about *.sol (flash cookies that aren’t deleted in the normal way and can hold enormous amounts of profiling information).

I there another way for me to hear your song Steve, without enabling flash?

Thanks for the link HowligUlf. I did quite a lot of research on the subject of Flash cookies when I first heard about them, how they are not cleaned out in the usual way and how they can contain personal information. I wrote to Adobe pointing out that under EU legislation it is illegal to install software on a remote computer without the knowledge or permission of the operator. To my surprise I got a reply - of course just referring me to their 9-page 3,750 word EULA.

The only purpose of the *.sol is to SPY on us, they are being disingenuous to say they’re needed to store our “preferences”.

Stand up for Internet privacy!!

CCleaner removes "*.sol"s and the Firefox plugin “Better Privacy” will find and destroy them - you may be surprised how many of them lurk on your system, all accessible by “someone” in the outside world and all containing personal information which CAN be used to identify you and your PC.

I have “windows” in my house but they are for me to look out of, not for other people to look into!

This is the Music Lounge, not Made with Cubase :imp:

Kidding aside, pretty good Steve. I take it your wandering around listening to this on your media player? There’s a lot I’d tweak and I’ll bet you’re thinking about changing stuff too. I tend to get the framework sorted (what you got here basically) then tweak away quite a bit til there’s not much to tweak anymore and your best is there for all to see. I like the song but it needs to evolve more :sunglasses: As a pop song, it needs to be reduced (the Radio edit - 3 mins or so). Drums could do with a tad more variety. Only minor tweaks but it’ll tighten it all up for you. Vocal is excellent :sunglasses: You f***ed up a guitar solo? I’ve heard it all now :smiley:

Glad you posted finally. See, nothing to worry about :sunglasses:

It’s not the only purpose of *.sol files. It’s also just a cookie file and it keeps your “sessions” with Flash enriched sites updated so you don’t have to set volumes and whatnot on all sites every time. Someone CAN use it to track your doings, and some companies DO, probably making a fortune out of it.

But still my guess is that the information is not THAT personal after all. An I AM on the internet looking for stuff and sometimes it’s stuff to buy. Why not have the silly ads at least somewhat targeted. I won’t miss tampon and baby food ads if I can get audio gear ads instead.

Besides I use some kind of alter ego on just about every site except the sites I know are “real sites” like and I don’t see the point in being too paranoid about it.

Sometimes this “privacy debate” is tilted in the same way the “free speech debate” is. It’s not the purpose of free speech or purpose to be used in absurdum.

Maybe I miss something, but what real world examples are there where people have been abused by some company/site/web vendor/whatever who used Flash cookies in order to collect information before performing their dirty deed? If that info spread around it would be goodwill/commercial suicide, wouldn’t it?

Sorry, Steve … sorta kinda off topic? :blush:

Hey Steve,
Finally got around to listening to it. Pretty cool for a pop song! (Not my genre but I do like what you did). As Zenda said, I can hear the perfectionist behind your tracks, so I’ll withhold further “mixing” comments until you are further along. Besides, many of the others, more experienced than me, have already made the most important points.

I remember you fighting with your vocals for a number of months, but I have to say, you don’t give yourself enough credit. Your voice has the natural timbre which is fully capable of reaching professional status. Maybe some practice is needed, but I hear the potential without a doubt.

I would like to hear the guitars brought out a little more however. I know you said that it being a pop song, the guitars shouldn’t take the “center stage”, but even with that in mind, they are too far back. Even if they are a scratch, they sound fine at the moment from what I could hear of them.

Looking forward to more!


Remove Flash Cookies:

yeah, thanks. I have ccleaner and it takes most stuff away. Sometimes I doublecheck and remove some stuff by hand as well. thanx anyway :slight_smile:

Yeh that’s ok.

Those versions are portable so you can take them to any machine.

I thought I’d mention it for the benefit of the forum.

Sorry to the OP :blush:

Well its about bloody time! :smiley: You’ve been holding out on us for years…and years Steve, and now finally you redeem yourself, and in style too! Wow! And who would’ve thought you could sing as well? Nice…real nice.
This is a very good song and I think the main ingredients are certainly all there. Aside from the more detailed technical stuff already under discussion I would certainly agree with comments regarding the length. If you could get this down to a more ‘radio-friendly’ length (3.5 - 4mins) or at least do a ‘radio-ready’ version then I think this would be a real winner. It’s funny but I feel quite excited by this - I can die happy now, knowing that Steve finally put himself out there for us all to see! :laughing:

Awesome Steve. :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing Steve, good stuff. :sunglasses:




You fiddled this off of Soundclick.

(Like something this decent could be done in VST 32…) :unamused:


Seriously though, good job!
Bring the vocals up a tad and it’s fine by me.


Hello Steve -

Very nice job, a fun listen!

You motivate me to continue in my quest for discipline (referring to the musical discipline required to complete a project, as discussed in the other thread; not discipline of the variety!).