Zebra 2 VST (V2.5.2) – help - anyone using this?


I bought and installed Zebra 2 v2.5.2 this weekend and am using Cubase 6.5.1 (64 bit) on a Mac.

Can anyone tell me if it’s normal that when accessing Zebra via the Inspector “Edit Instrument” button, I am first given a small black and white popup advising me that a logo or something isn’t available.

There is an “edit” button on this little pop up window and once I hit that Zebra opens perfectly. Is this normal??

Also, is there any way to get the presets to display in the same fashion as HALcion or Padshop etc.?

I’ve been primarily using hard synths and recently the included VST’s but have decided to buy some third party ones so I’m not sure whether accessing the VST’s and presets differently for each one is normal. It would be nice if they followed the same criteria for opening and accessing presets though.


Also on a side note can anyone advise me how to remove any VST’s / inserts I’m not using from Cubase? For example I downloaded a NI trial version of Absynth5 and even though I dragged it to the trash from the App section of the Mac it still appears in Cubase as a VST.

It’s just that the VST Mac version of Zebra2 isn’t natively 64-bit yet, so it is loading via the VSTBridge. Everything you are seeing there is perfectly normal (but, c’m on Urs, time to roll out those 64-bit VSTs now! :wink: )