Zero crossing problem

I have just started using Cubase 9 LE. I quickly discovered that when pasting selections onto other selections necessitates ensuring that the intersection points must have zero crossings on each element. However, because Cubase lines up the ‘pastes’ on the beat I find my zero crossing edits are ignored. How do I paste and move the pasted portion over just enough to respect the zero crossings?

Try setting the “Snap” to off.

FYI… when I use the “Snap to Zero Crossing” setting (which is not too often) I always turn off the snap and then, after the pasting is completed, I will apply a crossfade to every edit position.

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I remember I used to be concerned with zero crossings ages ago & it made a difference then.

But I’ve been ignoring them for at least a decade to no ill effect. The default Cubase fades seem to work fine eliminating clicks & pops. Try just cutting on the bar/beat grid and see if it matters that they don’t occur on a zero crossing.

Thanks for the replies. Seems I should be using the Cubase cross- fades. I will give it a go.