Zero Down Time - a waste of time

I have just spent 2 days trying to get Cubase and associated plug-ins up and running again after going through replacement eLicensor hell.
To do this, Steinberg’s support page sends the user through minefield of complicated systems which terminates with ZDT (sounds like a chemical bomb).
So I eventually managed to activate ZDT onto a new dongle, but when I go to my eLicensor app, all my apps and licenses have disappeared. :imp:
I tried both the recovery option and the update option but no joy.
Anyone else been through this nightmare and is there any simple solution besides having to take another trip through hell? :imp:

Huh? It sounds like it’s working as intended. The Zero Downtime license is a single temporary license that allows you to use any Steinberg product, including those that you don’t actually own, for 24 non-consecutive hours (this will last around a week or more depending on how much time you spend using the programs). The point of ZDT is to allow you to continue using your Steinberg products while you wait for support to transfer your old licenses to your new eLicenser dongle. Please be patient.

This page explains how it works:

Hi RM, Thanks for the clarification, but things are not very well explained. It reads like it’s only for 24 hours. They should put the same in brackets like you did:
"(this will last around a week or more depending on how much time you spend using the programs)"
They say:
"allows you to use your Steinberg software for another 25 operating hours".
When one is in panic mode, it is easy to misunderstand and take as being one day of use.
Also I don’t know how you work, but generally when one is working on a professional project, it is quite normal to work for 6-8 hours per day. This will only give around 3-4 days of downtime, definitely not a week or more.
What I can’t understand is why Steinberg don’t go for a simpler solution like this:
Cancel the authorisation of the old dongle and transfer all the Steinberg licenses to the new dongle in one go from their end!
So I received the new temporary activation code email, but it was not clear how I use it.
I didn’t realise that I could just run Cubase by clicking on the “Start cubase 6” button. it does not make this clear anywhere.
Steinberg should not assume that musicians are IT techie/nerds and make it all a bit more friendly / idiot proof for dumb musicians like me! :smiley: