Zero Four

Wrote this many, many years ago and recorded / programmed / mixed and mastered it a few months ago:

It’s called “zero four” because in my “Voyetra projects\ideas” - folder it was “04” (had a serious hangover when I did it for the first time back then).

However, this is the 2013 version, enjoy!

Lol @ that naming convention.

Anyway, I thought the opening piano motif was cool, but honestly I was expecting it to turn into a fast paced electronic piece, which I think I’d have preferred given the synths used at the start. The slow tempo after that synth intro was just such a drag and I usually like slow things. Idk why I assumed it was going to turn into some kindof faster DnB kinda hybrid. Maybe it reminded me of something from Ridge Racer 4 videogame for playstation, or Unreal Tournament.

I thought the tambourine hits were too loud. I used to learn Yngwie, Vai, Satriani songs all the time when I used to play guitar so I get the instrumental guitar style. But I think the odd fast scale/arpeggio really goes a long way to holding the listeners interest (in this kind of instrumental since it’s not based around a specific strong theme.) Granted, it takes a lot of practice to be able to do that to such a precise standard and personally it makes me wish I hadn’t invested several hours a day, everyday, for years just to be able to do so lol.

I like the overall atmosphere of the track and it was certainly easier to listen along to once the pacing was upped. I did enjoy it when the pace picked up. The piano at 2:14 could really do with some faster notes now and then for interest, similar to the end part actually or at least in unison with something else. I think the sound of the synths work well with the other instruments. Some cool ideas anyway, gg.

Strange change a 1.26? not sure about it…otherwise excellent, good tune and nice mood at the beginning which was my favourite part of the instrumental…tamb and crashes a tad too loud but tune and mood come first in my book…Kevin

Thank you, guys! :slight_smile:

Next version will have softer tambourine and crash, hehe.

I really liked this! I normally don’t find myself listening to the more "rock"y side of the genres but this was a very enjoyable piece; especially how the guitar and piano interacted within the chords. Obviously soundcloud it not the best judge of mix quality but I do agree with Kevin in that the symbols might have been a bit loud… other than that I coudn’t hear any outstanding problems. Great job!