Zero Gravity: can see new sample bank, but not presets

Hello. I’ve just purchased and installed Zero Gravity for Padshop Pro, but I can’t see the new presets (e.g. “Vapor stream”). But if I go to the Padshop Pro UI and click on the chooser for selecting the sample of the current preset, I can see two folders: “Padshop” and “Zero Gravity”. So it seems it’s has been only “half” installed.

Also from the Media / Sound Browser of Cubase Elements I can only see the original 456 sounds of Padshop Pro.

This is my current set of Steinberg Products:

  • Halion 4.5 (purchased)
  • Zero Gravity (purchased)
  • Retrologue (trial)
  • Cubase Elements 6 (trial)
  • Padshop Pro (trial)

I have purchased Cubase Artist 7 a couple of days ago and waiting for the package to arrive - this would bring Retrologue, Cubase and Padshop into the “purchased” state. I suppose that the trial parts that I have to use for still a few days are fully functional, so I’d like to explore the new sounds.

My system is MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion.


PS I did enter the activation code of Zero Gravity into eLicenser.

Ok, solved. The MediaBay was enumerating a “Zero Gravity” folder under PadShop Presets, but it was empty. Rescanning it fixed the problem.