"Zero Gravity" for Padshop not possible to put in the cart

Hi, have already cleared my browser cache and logged-in but still not possible to buy it. Others work.

Just checked using Edge and Chrome. Both the same, still not possible to buy.
Anyone else having this?

check padshop …i got zero gravity free years ago with a padshop update you might be the same it wont let you buy it because you might already have it

Just tried putting it in my cart without issue. Not sure where your problem is. Windows 10, Edge …

Definitely not the problem. I have owned a license for Zero Gravity for years. There is no way the online shop knows about your current licenses. And, there is nothing stopping a person from purchasing more than one license for the same product.

What exactly happens when you try to add it to your cart?

Thanks for your reply…
I noticed

  • it did work when I place the order coming from the normal products page
  • it did not work if I selected it coming from the special offer link that was displayed on the homepage. Clicking on “add to cart” left the cart empty.

So finally bought it using first option :wink: