Zero Gravity Location

I cant access the Zero Gravity sounds directly from PadShop. I can access the Padshop Library and Padshop Library Pro collections just fine.

I can see the Zero Gravity collection only via MediaBay\Instruments\Zero Gravity. I can see all three collections at this location.

Also, using the full MediaBay (F5), I can’t see any PadShop collections. I read about Rescan but I have no rescan button. The manual shows an ADD and RESCAN button, I have an ADD and a REMOVE button where the manual image shows a RESCAN button.

Did you copy it to the correct folder? It should be in …\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Padshop

MediaBay has the ability to scan the whole drive whereas Padshop will only scan the folder directly associated with it.

My similar problems with Padshop Pro and Zero Gravity installation

THREE weeks since I raised a Support ticket for similar Padshop Pro & Zero Gravity installer problems and still no response from Steinberg. (In comparison, I raised a ticket with NI for one of their products and got a response and resolution within hours)

Bearing in mind the number of queries about this, I suspect something is seriously wrong with the Padshop Pro installer and also the PadShop Pro & Zero Gravity installer. Great to pay for something and get no response from the vendor. Not great Steinberg, not great.

Padshop Pro & Zero Gravity issues:

I updated from Padshop to Padshop Pro with Zero Gravity soundset bundle and the soundset was not visible after installation in Padshop itself (only Padshop and Padshop Pro presets were displayed)

I located the vstsound file ADD_SMT_118_Zero_Gravity.vstsound

This was installed to Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Padshop. Note: I also copied the file over to Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound , just in case Padshop was looking at that location for the file.

Still the Zero Gravity presets were not showing in Padshop Pro.

I then noticed that the file is named with prefix: ADD_SMT_118_Zero_Gravity.vstsound. However, all other SMT files are named: FCP_SMT (ie: do not start with ADD).

I decided to rename the prefix to FCP_SMT_118_Zero_Gravity.vstsound.

As a result of this action the actual Zero Gravity audio samples are recognised in Media Bay, but only as Zero Gravity audio sample pack. There are still no Zero Gravity presets available in Padshop Pro.



Success! Thanks to everyone involved in this issue. I now have access to to Zero Gravity presets for PadShop Pro

+100 to the Cubase community, especially psmarios. -100 to Steinberg support for not responding to my ticket

I followed your advice to reinstall Cubase 9 using the “for all users” option, ran the Cubase update, and then did the same for PadShop Pro update and the Zero Gravity soundset.

Steinberg should make this installation prerequisite (that Cubase and PadShop Pro be installed for “all users”) clear. Or, ideally, they should re-engineer the installer code so that the presets are available regardless of the ‘only me’ / ‘all users’ selection.

Thanks again community :slight_smile: