Zero Gravity not working in Padshop2?

I reinstalled Zero Gravity, but the library is not showing up in Padshop2.
(Granular Guitars and Granular Symphonies do so)
Thanks for any help.

The ZeroGravity Presets are already in the Padshop2 Factorylibrary?

My Zero Gravity presets show up in Padshop 2, but when I open them, the sound files are missing from most of them.

Hi mllamu,

Zero Gravity is not part of the Factory Content of Padshop 2.

Please uninstall Zero Gravity via the Contol Panel. Redownload Zero Gravity from the Steinberg Download Assistant (Absolute 4 Collection). Then reinstall Zero Gravity and make sure to install everything for all users. There is a little checkbox to tick in the installation dialog of Zero Gravity. That should fix the problem.


I did this reinstall, as you said, but ZeroGravity does not show up as a library in Padshop2.
But when I load certain presets in Padshop2, for instance Abyssal Choir, the samples have the symbol of ZeroGravity.

Can you see Zero Gravity in the Media Bay of Cubase (right zone)?

When I go to the right zone, Vst-Instruments - Padshop I can see 5 libraries:
Granular Guitars, Gran. Symphonies, MPE Padshop, Padshop2 and Padshop Factory (same as in the preset browser of Padshop2)

Can you please post a screenshot of the Steinberg Library Manager with unfoled details of the Padshop Sound Sets.

Screenshot of the SteinbergLibraryManager

Please install then new Zero Gravity which can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant under “VST Instruments and Plug-ins”

Thank you, now its working!