Zero gravity wont install in Windows 8

I tried to install the Zero Gravity soundset for Padshop Pro in Windows 8, but it wont install.

When I start the installer, it starts extracting the data. After that the window disappears, and nothing happens any more. There is no error given, the installation process just plainly stops right after extracting the data. No soundset is installed. As no error is given I have absolutely no idea what goes wrong.

I tested the same installer in windows 7, and everything works as it supposed to do. The installer extracts the data and launches the installer window. I am fully able to install the sound set on that Windows 7 machine.

Cubase 7 including instruments installs without any problem in Windows 8, so I can use Cubase 7 and Padshop Pro. I only not seem to be able to install Zero Gravity.

I have no idea what to do now. Has anybody else has seen this problem? And if so - can that person what he ore she did to solve this problem?

It sounds like a possible ‘permissions’ issue in Windows… try right-clicking the installer, then select ‘run as administrator’.

Did that help?