Zero sound - confused in/out settings

Hello Cubase users
I upgraded to Cubase Pro a few months back. And it was working fine with my UR44 in my office. But now I’m at home thanks to COVID-19 and I can’t get any sound at all with my other ASIO drivers (1) ASIO4ALL or (2) Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.
The MIDI signal is going in and is recording OK. But there is no action at all in the Stereo Out of the Mix Console.
Also the In/Out port names have become an illegible mush. I’ve never seen this before.

And the ASIO4ALL seems to be trying to play thru something called ENV-1525 Hands-Free AG Audio.
(The Generic Driver can’t even find the output speakers.)
Does anyone have any ideas how I can begin to sort this?


Turn off Windows system sounds
go to Control Panel-Sound- Playback tab & Rec tab - and make sure your Sample rate same as in Cubase, and Unckeck all (if it no done already)
Reboot PC, launch Cubase, and in asio4all turn off ENV-1525 Hands-Free AG Audio & Turn on Realtek

Thanks @djgraver for your reply.
I deleted ENV-1525 Hands-Free AG Audio and updated the Realtek driver and that did it.
Thanks again.