ZERO Support

This is the second time I’ve posted this bug report, first time was 2 months ago, 2 months with ZERO support.
After using these macros the midi inputs go haywire, multiple random tracks being triggered by my midi keyboard.

Transport - Locators to Selection
Automation - Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)
Zoom - Zoom Tracks Exclusive
Zoom - Zoom to Locators
Edit - Solo

Edit - Select All
Zoom - Zoom to Selection
Zoom - Zoom Tracks 1 Row
Edit - Select None
Edit - Deactivate All Solo States
Zoom - Zoom Out
Zoom - Zoom Out
Automation - Hide All Automation

Try it for Yourself!!

I could just not use them, or wait and purchase Cubase 10 in the hope that this is fixed or just keep posting the same complaint over and over and over and over and over e.t.c.


I remember I was reading your post, but it sounds quite unusual and there is not enough info.

What Cubase version do you use? Windows/Mac? What hardware is connected? Do you use any Generic Remote Device? Quick Controls?


If you set up these macros and try them we can maybe establish first that it IS or ISN’T just at my end. I run the latest Cubase Pro 9.5 update on windows 10. I am using multiple instances of Play 6 (eastwest).
With the first macro, I select an event and the track it is on, and then hit the macro key, it zooms in on the event and shows all the automation. The second macro, is basically a return to track view and zoom out and unselect all. For some strange reason, after this both my Komplete Kontrol S25 and my Alesis V49 trigger random multiple tracks, even though only one track (instance of Play 6) is selected. Thus I have to select, in the inspector, ‘not connected’ followed by ‘all midi inputs’ on each of the affected tracks. I do use the same custom Quick Control preset on every track.
As you can see in the 3rd picture tracks 25 and 5 are triggering but only 11 is selected.