Zilhouette wont play enough notes in several instances in Halion6?


Just bought Zilhouette string VST from Steinberg. Sound so good, but there is a huge problem I have just noticed:

When I load 3 separate instances of this Zilhouette VSTi in Halion 6 using all outputs activated, like this:

Program 1 = Long strings
Program 2 = Short strings
Program 3 = Pizzicato

and play different notes on each program simultaneous, notes are muted on program 2 & 3. If I play big chords, program 3 almost disappear and can not be heard at all? It reminds me of not available noted in a multitimbralmode, like I need to increase the amount of notes in polymode for this Zilhouette VSTi or something, but that can not be the case since I never encountered this problem before in Halion 6 using any other VSTi.

So what could be the problem here you think, why can´t I har all notes played at once?
Help please, or I need to return this VSTi to Stenberg and ask for my money back since the Zilhouette VSTi is useless if it´s only can be used as only one instance in Halion 6…and not many instances at the same time.

I love the sounds, so I want this problem solved…before returning the product as faulty to Steinberg :cry: