Zone Oscillator Preset Browser Custom

I’m having issues getting the Preset Browser Custom to work with my presets for the Oscillator in the Synth Zone. I can see the presets after I set up the Preset Browser Custom, but if I choose any of them to load on the macro page, it doesn’t load them. I’ve worked with Preset Browser Customs templates in other areas on my macro page and have gotten them to work correctly. But here I’m just scratching my head.

The oscillator preset pull down I’m wanting to load from on my macro page is shown in this picture with the red circle around it.
Oscillator Preset Pull Down.PNG
Here is how I have the preset browser custom template set up.
Oscillator Preset Browser Custom  Parameters.PNG
As I’ve stated, I can get the presets I want to load show up in the Preset Browser Custom, but if I choose any, it won’t load…

Any help will be greatly appreciated!