zone problem (still) in mixer view

hi All !
I still have a issue with the mixer window NOT SHOWING OR SCROLLING ALL CHANNELS
I want to .
left zone audio/fx /sub.Grp/vca
mid zone All Groups (all drums All Vox etc)
right zone mix bus and stereo out.

what I get ….
after the width of the window is exhausted (+30 chans or so ) no scrolling + no visibility of right zone.

work around …
non use of left zone…

it does not stop me working but wtf !!
this is not the first time i posted this just worded it differently
i guess i am the only one with this problem ???

pls read my last thread on this subject to see what hardwear etc .
and yes ALL drivers are up to date

Yeah, that’s the way it’s always worked for me (9.5 and 10). Only the middle zone scrolls. So if the left and/or right zones fill your screen, you won’t be able see the middle zone or scroll. Unfortunate and annoying.

Seemly Yes !
I wonder why the three zones where added ? I must read the PDF to see if there is a mention that this will happen …
shame really but hey ho …